::: About Me :::


Being a 1940's and general history obsessed gal is an interesting and, at times, confusing head space to own! Trying to turn my former hippy chick-ness into vintage inspired chic-dress is a daily challenge. And one I relish. 

It also leads me to think alot about the past - namely both World Wars and the female role in such a changing society. I use my unwavering interest to guide me in most things I do, from face paint to frocks.

I write about events, products, book & film reviews and anything else that grabs my fancy. It can be a bit eclectic -  but so is life.

I am also part of the Vintage Hive , writing for Queens of Vintage.

To boot, I am the owner of Well Rounded Retro -  an on line vintage shop specialising in larger sized vintage clothing. 

Coral and White Seashell Homemade Knitted Jumper - 1940'S STYLE     Buttercup Yellow & Blue Flower Frock -  1940s / 1950s STYLE -  L / XL

If you have any questions -  please feel free 


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