Sunday, 13 September 2015

Bohemian Rhapsody

BOO! I am back! Although you may have felt that I had fallen off the face of the blogosphere. I have been here, just pottering round the back for a bit. I have been busy getting house things sorted and enjoying our new garden over the summer. Plus, changing my own personal style. Oh, and setting up my own business. You know, simple things.

House wise, it seems to be an ever changing beast. Things are put in one place and then are changed around again a week or so later. Mean while, things that I pop on the side to get them out of the way seem to take root and stay there for months. I go through phases of loving and loathing our accumulated clutter. That said, I am on the verge of a bin bag raid. I get like this every so often, where I sweep the rooms shoving things into the sack, never to be seen again. At some point soon, the local charity shops are going to have a whole new load of stock.

One of the first things to go recently was a whole bunch of dresses. Dresses that I have known and loved. Some I have bought and forgotten about. They all had to go. I am still very much in love with all things history - I am just not in the throes of the Forties any more. 

I appreciate that may make some of you take me off your read lists -  and that is totally cool. Thank you so much for stopping by and coming with me on that part of my journey.  All the past retro posts will stay put (especially all the hair tutorial ones - wink.) So many things would not be in my life were it not for my style shift 5 or so years ago. 

I am eternally grateful for all of it. 

But, as I evolve and change, so will the content of this little patch of web. I  am not saying that I will never dress full on retro ever again -  but its not for me for now. I am more about the boho and less about the home front. I am sure that many of you get it. We all change. We are ever evolving. I hope you shall stick around to see where I am headed next. I am so enjoying developing a new look for myself, although a lot of it does feel familiar to me. I used to be a full time-crystal-loving-leaf-reading-long skirt-wearing-one and she is back in my life with a hearty "hello.." and "..where the fack have you been?" 

Well, I am back now, Rabbit, with a few editions. Some vestiges of vintage will never leave me. Like, ragging my hair and wearing red lipstick. I am having fun meshing all the things I love together into a different version of me.

Moving to a new area has made me welcome change in all areas of my life. When we upped sticks and settled here, we had a vague plan. I was going to go into care work of either the elderly or the young. The doors were open and I just had to chose a path. I did not expect that path to be filled with hand made wares for sale. But, that is where I now find myself -  making things all the time for the launch of my own website in October. I never knew something like that could light me up so much -  but that is exactly what has happened. So -  I am going to bask in it for a while. 

Whilst I am busy getting ready to launch -  you can still catch me on Instagram 
which will have sneak-peeks of items that I am working on.

Ta-ra for now, loves

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