Thursday, 16 April 2015

Fresh from Bodkin

There are more times than I can count when I am in awe of the creativity that pours forth from people I know through blog reading and Instagram double tapping. In fact, out of all of the social medja type thingys out there, Insta is my go to. I am not a big Pinner, FaceAcher or Tweeter. Hell - of late, I have hardly been a blogger.

But Instagram makes me feel all connected. Connected with people who fill my 'phone with happy. A wee while back I  went a bit gaga over the Miss Marple scarf as featured by the glorious Bodkin Creates. Not only does Hesta run her own crafting workshops in a glorious setting by the sea, she also has the most talented knitting Mum who makes these delicious neck warmers.

They are handmade, right here in the UK and can be your very own for a small sum of £9.50 plus p&p. You can make contact directly through Instagram or you can purchase through Folksy

They are perfect for when the wind doth blow right down your top but you don't want to be bogged down by something more Wintery. Or if you are sitting, like I am now, writing and you just need that something extra to make you feel snug on account of your lack of mobility. Yes, I could stand up and kick out a couple of star jumps -  but, frankly, this scarf looks much nicer.

Perhaps team it with a dress and cardy for that stroll to the post office or to the pub for a cheeky half of cider. Or when your meeting room has the air con set to "mild blizzard" and you can't seem to change it to anything other than "frost".

As if one awesome creative beaut landing on my doorstep was not enough -  I opened it up to find a corking addition. A handmade and authentically 1940's string brooch was included. Not only that, it was in complementary colours. For a cracking £9 -  you will also find these via Folksy.

It made my face do this with excitement: 

That and the sheer cold wind that was howling at me. 
Spring, eh. An unpredictable beastie. 

Made all the more snug by a Miss Marple.

** This is a collaborative post. I was sent these items as a complimentary gift and asked to Instagram them. 
However, they are so rocking, they deserved a post too.

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