Thursday, 31 December 2015

Turning the Globe

How can it be the end of the year again? So soon? I still feel like we have only just got here. Only just come through the door of 2015  and our house for the first time and are settling in. Still. Things to unpack. Items to move to their actual cupboard instead of the ridiculous spinning one they were shoved into back in January. I tell you what, internally moving storage spaces can do one.

It's funny how we always have to see all the seasons before we feel at home somewhere. Well, that is the case for me anywho. And, finally, I am starting to feel like this is ours. Unlike last year, we got to have a proper big ol' Yuletide.

 Last year, amongst the boxes of our worldly possession, we had a very pared down day of just the 2 of us, a nice walk and some holly collection for our simple festive table. I made a tea-light holder out of a very carefully peeled clementine, which promptly burnt round the edges and made the flat smell like marmalade on singed toast. It was all very nice, but it all felt less somehow.

But -  all of these things are long gone. The flat is no longer ours. And, until the last week or so, I felt like I was still living in someone else's house. It was an odd sensation to decorate for the season. It all seemed so big and all our decorations so small. And, I didn't know where any thing went. 

Greeting a string of something or other, I knew where to put it. Strewn over the mirror above the fireplace. Except, we no longer have that mirror. Nor that fireplace. It's a silly thing to be overwhelmed by - there are many, many more significant things going on all over the place -  but, it really got to me. For a split second, I wanted to go back, where everything was familiar. You know? It felt like that simple (but impossible and, actually, unwanted) act would make it all easier. It was only a split second, but still.

However, slowly, as we started to find new homes for old friends, I could feel a shift. A change that I have long been waiting for. An actual shoot taking root and anchoring me to this place. In the making of new memories, I felt more at home.  The organising for Yule and the welcome introduction of fairy lights to the gloomy December days. The smell of sweet spices and oils in the burners. The tip-toeing of Winter on the horizon - although it is still too mild for my liking and I wish it would get a wriggle on.

Instead of waking up, wondering momentarily where I am, I feel more comfortable now, nestled within these bricks and mortar, than I have since we moved in. And, all for the turning of the globe as one more year rolls by.

Wishing only awesome things to all of you as we head on in to 2016.

It's gunna be a goodun'!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Bohemian Rhapsody

BOO! I am back! Although you may have felt that I had fallen off the face of the blogosphere. I have been here, just pottering round the back for a bit. I have been busy getting house things sorted and enjoying our new garden over the summer. Plus, changing my own personal style. Oh, and setting up my own business. You know, simple things.

House wise, it seems to be an ever changing beast. Things are put in one place and then are changed around again a week or so later. Mean while, things that I pop on the side to get them out of the way seem to take root and stay there for months. I go through phases of loving and loathing our accumulated clutter. That said, I am on the verge of a bin bag raid. I get like this every so often, where I sweep the rooms shoving things into the sack, never to be seen again. At some point soon, the local charity shops are going to have a whole new load of stock.

One of the first things to go recently was a whole bunch of dresses. Dresses that I have known and loved. Some I have bought and forgotten about. They all had to go. I am still very much in love with all things history - I am just not in the throes of the Forties any more. 

I appreciate that may make some of you take me off your read lists -  and that is totally cool. Thank you so much for stopping by and coming with me on that part of my journey.  All the past retro posts will stay put (especially all the hair tutorial ones - wink.) So many things would not be in my life were it not for my style shift 5 or so years ago. 

I am eternally grateful for all of it. 

But, as I evolve and change, so will the content of this little patch of web. I  am not saying that I will never dress full on retro ever again -  but its not for me for now. I am more about the boho and less about the home front. I am sure that many of you get it. We all change. We are ever evolving. I hope you shall stick around to see where I am headed next. I am so enjoying developing a new look for myself, although a lot of it does feel familiar to me. I used to be a full time-crystal-loving-leaf-reading-long skirt-wearing-one and she is back in my life with a hearty "hello.." and "..where the fack have you been?" 

Well, I am back now, Rabbit, with a few editions. Some vestiges of vintage will never leave me. Like, ragging my hair and wearing red lipstick. I am having fun meshing all the things I love together into a different version of me.

Moving to a new area has made me welcome change in all areas of my life. When we upped sticks and settled here, we had a vague plan. I was going to go into care work of either the elderly or the young. The doors were open and I just had to chose a path. I did not expect that path to be filled with hand made wares for sale. But, that is where I now find myself -  making things all the time for the launch of my own website in October. I never knew something like that could light me up so much -  but that is exactly what has happened. So -  I am going to bask in it for a while. 

Whilst I am busy getting ready to launch -  you can still catch me on Instagram 
which will have sneak-peeks of items that I am working on.

Ta-ra for now, loves

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Settled In

A~hoy there! It has taken me a while -  all the way since this post in Feb - but I have finally committed some photos of our new home to camera. We are inherently cluttersome people and this is what passes for spick-n-span round these parts. Everything has it's place, but is more than likely not in it. Ever.

But -  we are relaxed and fairly settled here now. There are still plenty of things to be unpacked, but those boxes are, I have convinced myself, hibernating for the summer and it would be unwise to wake them. Foolish in fact. I shall let them be.

Bit's and pieces need to be tweeked and turned slightly to fit our lives, but we are feeling like this is our home now. We have redecorated parts of the house -  the wall in the hallway being the last bit to be tackled. I do love green -  but even that tone is a little too much for me. I have been able to do things that I have long dreamed of -  such as using books for wallpaper. Aaaah. I was unsure about the look of it at first -  but now I am in love with our readable wall. Alice in Wonderland and A Midsummer Night's Dream, to be precise. Yes, I like it a lot.

There is a routine forming, things are becoming more familiar and ideas are being nurtured. Oh! So many ideas.

But, for now, we are content to just breathe in this big change in our lives.

Friday, 5 June 2015

End of the road ~ turn left

Although we have been in our new home for 4 months now, we are still busy exploring and discovering so many things about where we now find ourselves. It seems dazzling to us to actually be here. To be able to walk down to the local shops for everything we need, for people to smile and say "hello" in the street, to be able to water plants in our garden and not be worried about the neighbour whinging about the water going on her balcony. To have an actual garden and not a balcony at all.

I do miss the views from our old abode, strange as that may sound. I loved the expanse of sky, watching the clouds change and those amazing sunsets we used to spy.

But, all of that aside, we are so happy here. There are more changes afoot, with The Beard starting a whole new role that shall be home based and me finally feeling more settled with him home for more than 2 nights a week. The separation, with him working down South and me being here alone, has been harder to bare for the both of us than we thought possible.

But the end is in sight. Hurrah.

When we picked our new market town and the house we now own, we literally inspected the street. We were in such a flurry of excitement, of viewing other houses -  all the while knowing this was really the one -  we never thought to go out of this street and turn left. Until a few weekends back. 

And, boy, are we thankful we did.

Past some beautiful houses and down a hedgerow lined road, we found ourselves in a glorious working fields and woodland wonderlands. We walked for a good couple of hours -  our original route blocked by some curious Piebald horses meaning we had to double back on ourselves (The Beard being a bit wary of their big ol' toofs and kicky hooves)  -  taking it all in, exclaiming how we "never knew this was here."

Before Spring had sprung proper, there were the stirrings of things to come. Birds chattering away, making themselves known to the others and looking for love. Young buds and leaves reaching for the sun, stretching, stretching, streeeetchiiiing.

We are so happy that, not only do we now have our own front door and a step to go with it, but that all this beauty is right on that step too. It's perfect for a saunter, for a gather, for a gander. I can't wait to go back and see the seasons taking shape.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Spring Time Hottie

There is something so delicious about being able to make something practical and pretty out of the basic stitches that I know. So far this has equated to plenty of baby blankets of varying styles for friends and family, all the flowers at our wedding, the odd boho-hairband and now these. 

I made this as a gift for my Aunt's special birthday and took inspiration at the fauna in bloom at the beginning of April. It just so happened to also be Chocolate Weekend, hence the mini eggs. These did not last long -  especially the ones that were left over from the party. 

I literally drank them out of the glass.

I need to become more confident in my crochet skills and despite falling behind with the raised voice declaration of "I shall get my head the hell around Amigurumi this May!! I SHALL!!" It turns out, I shall not.

 I am, however, confident in making these hot-bot covers.

An idea which makes use of those little scrappy bits you have in your work basket, I changed mine slightly to a squared off pattern  and worked the neck whilst the bottle was in place (read: my skills don't quite stretch to increase/decrease -  so I shut my eyes and hope for the best).

Adapted from #GrannyHottie by Foxs Lane, I have made a few of these now and they are becoming a firm favourite to whip up. Especially at this time of year when I can pick up the actual hot water bottle for a snip of the price. 

That said -  May it may be, but warm it ain't -  and I have a feeling I shall be getting my own one out this evening.

Mmmmmmm -  snuggly!


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