Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Return of the Chill.

Finally. It is here. The Autumn. The chill. The damp. The dark. I have been waiting for it to arrive for a long while now. It has been very warm here in Blightly for far too long. Samhain was more like Summer and for the week leading up to it, I was in a spin. Not sleeping properly and generally feeling a bit.... confused. It took me a while to figure out why. Off kilter winds coming in from the South, that's what. By Samhain, it should be crisp and cool. Not muggy.

As well you know, I am a Winter girl. We have a deep and involved love affair each year and the warmth that lingered equated to me feeling stood up. But, come  the second day of the eleventh month, there had been a break, a return to normality. I opened the curtains to rain and gloom and felt a leap in my soul. I lit candles and listened to the spit-spotting. I cooked pancakes and made tea. I decided on a day indoors, cocooned and nestled.

And then, all of a sudden,with a break in the rain, I felt the need to be outside. To feel all this change on my skin. We made our way to the woods and, in the dusk and the damp, pootled around feeling the chill. It felt like a massive hug from an old friend.

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