Friday, 3 October 2014

Little Bits

There are times when you get a little something extra from life. Take this mini bunch o'fleurs. I fell in love with the whole bunch at our local market at the weekend. I made a mental note and decided to grab them on the way back to car. A perfect dose of niceness for one of my good chums we were visiting that evening. 

Oh how she would love them ~ but did I love them more?

No no no ~ I said to myself ~ these are for she, not for thee! With not enough money for deux bunches, I took them home for said friend.

I could not keep them. That would of been wrong. Very, very wrong.

 If any one knows what these are  ~ I would love to know. The flower man (who I have a feeling is usually the bread man) did not have a clue. He just stuffed my money into what, at first glance, looked like the front of his jogging bottoms. On second glance, I realised it was actually a money apron. 

Relieved does not cover it. Gag. No no, you're alright, keep the change love.

As luck would have it, when I came to rearrange & wrap them, these 2 delicious bits fell off onto the kitchen top. Hurrah!

It made me think, sometimes, you don't need a whole bunch of florals to make your day. 

Mostly, a little posie will do. 

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