Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Winds of Change

Can you feel it in the air? That change that is coming our way. I hold out hope for one more blast from the golden orb -  but if not -  I am happy that we had a sun-shiney summer this year. Granted, there have been some kick-ass downpours and heavy ol' thunder -  but for the most part it has been awesome.

And now, we head off into Autumn. It might be a little early, but there is a certain chill in the air. It never fails to transport me back in time, when a new term of school was just about to start and there was so much stationary to be had. I am a stationary fiend. Which is interesting how little writing with a pen I do these days. I have to change that. There are some pen-pals of mine around this here globe that have not heard from me in a good long while. For shame.

I love Autumn, a time of new beginnings , the harvest not far away and the subtle winding down of the year. It makes me ponder and dream about what may lay ahead for me and The Beard.

Since Summer Solstice, I have been getting back in touch with the Witch'ed one inside of me, the one who used to be an every day reflection, the one who used to look for signs in birds and the flowers.

She has never really been all that far behind me, but took a bit of a back-seat as I embraced dressing a little more retro. I am enjoying the fact that she is making herself known. 

I know that I am on the right path -  I can just feel it. It is always nice to have an affirmation though - this week in the finding of not one but eleven Hag/Adder Stones whilst visiting friends on the coast. 

Not looking for them -  literally stumbling over them whilst strolling on the beach.

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