Friday, 14 February 2014

TCB Foam Setting Lotion ~ Review

Hair. It can be a fickle ol’ thing.  Mine, in particular, has had an argument with store bought setting lotions for no apparent reason. One week it worked as normal, like it had for months before and then? I had hair more befitting of Worzel Gummidge. My tried and tested brand of choice – LottaBody -  admitted defeat recently. My hair no likey no more. Sigh.

So, for a while now, I have been setting my hair with some leave in conditioner and the power of air-drying. I favour the Aussie brand of conditioner based on it actually making my hair nice and soft and it’s delicious smell. That and the advantage I took of a deal in the supermarket. I now have a small stockpile to call my very own.
But, of late, I have been wanting something that would last a little longer. So, off I went, back into the world of setting lotions. On the Paks website, I decided to try TCB Foaming Wrap Lotion. Yes, it may very well meet the same demise as the others -  but for the moment I am singing its praises to anyone who will listen.
I bought a few different lotions to try, but TCB Foaming Wrap has been such a success for me that I have yet to try any of the others. Despite the lotion advising me to use this on wet hair which I then roll, I know my hair better than to think it would actually dry overnight having been rolled wet. Even if I use heat, this is no go amigo. I used this in my usual manner -  on just washed, pretty much dry hair. I have found that a little goes a long way that after 3 applications, I have barely used any at all. Win.
I apply this to both smaller and larger sections of hair with the same results, so it really depends on my mood. Sometimes there is something far more interesting on the telly-box that demands my attention and so I am bit slapdash about it all. On others, I take time and primp in front of the mirror. Either way -  the results are the same. Curls that really last.
I pay close attention to the ends and make sure that there is a decent amount of product on them. Then I roll up and sleep on it. I have to say that I have been so impressed with this product. 
On this occasion, I just ran my fingers through my hair once I had taken the pin curls out and left it like that for the day. You can see that it has dropped -  as my hair always does -  but there is still a curl there. Even after a hefty brushing out, there is still shape and no frizz. 
I did find that my hair felt a little, I think heavy would be the right word, not quite tacky or sticky, but I could feel that there was something there other than locks. But, this feeling was all gone by the second day. Because, you see, these curls were around until my next wash. I kid you not.
I re-pinned the curls for the first 3 nights. The same curls -  for the most part - there was a slight drop -  were there again the next morning with no worries. I do have issues with the back underneath of my mane, so I do dampen this bit before re-rolling 4 small sections on perming rods, but the rest of my hair was re-done dry.

On day 4 and 5 I ran out of time to re-pin. This wedding malark ain’t  ‘arf a time sucker. So I shoved it up on top of my bonce and went to bed. I decided I would deal with whatever I was greeted with in the morning. Amazingly, there were still curls. Gobsmacked was I!
It gives my hair a nice sheen, I have less fly-aways (even in all this damp weather) and am confident that it will give me the results I spent all that time a rolling-and-a-pinning.
On that note, this product a massive 9/10 from me.

*this is not a sponsored post. I paid for this product with my own cashola. Other retailers are available -  I just happen to really like Paks.


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