Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Oooooh! 2014 ahoy!

A hoy hoy there!

Things, of late,  have been all very much full of family, friends, fine booze and a Tunis cake of epic proportions.

The days have melted into one another with lots of TV catch up (Dr Who and Death Came to Pemberley winning out in the thumbs up stakes), pottering about, thinking about tackling that cupboard stuffed full of rubbish we don't need, ignoring it and hitting the sales instead for all of next years Yuletide cards and snaffling some half price perfume gifts sets for myself into the bargain.

There have also been some needed up lates' and lie ins', makeup free days full of herbal tea and blog reading with a wodge of crochet thrown in for good measure...chocolate for breakfast and cereal for tea... a frantic dash for new tights after stepping in fresh (and warm) Moof puke... and deciding that, actually, I do quite like a small, sweet Sherry.

But, soon upon us, is a New Year. Round these parts, it has been dubbed "Wedding Year" -  a phrase that makes me excited and slightly weak-legged all at the same time. I know that it shall, as soon as that clock strikes 12, hurtle towards me at warp speed.

I am calm and smiling for the most part, whilst trying to get that nervous twitch under control. There are some bits to pull together but pretty much all is under control.

Or, perhaps that is the Sherry talking.

See you on the other side folks!

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