Thursday, 3 October 2013

C & C's Wonderful Wedding

Remember when it was warm? When the evenings stretched out and you could enjoy a Pimms long into the night? Well, back when the season was such, I attended a wedding.

And a right corker it was too. Not only did it have customised Converse but also united 2 of the most amazing ladies I have good fortune to know.

Although the wedding was not until mid-afternoon, this did not stop me flying into a panic about what to cover my body in. I don't know why, I had had ages to think about it. But, I went off the outfit I had decided upon and had to start all over again. Hot, sweaty, sweary rage ensued. You know the type. Where you open your wardrobe and it seems to contain only black bin bags and one green shoe? 

Yeah. That.

 I had already made my tilt hat topper, so I knew that I was heading in the general direction of yellow. And after I had stood in the kitchen, raging about time going too damn quick and running out and OH  FOR THE LOVE OF... WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE!!!.... I found a saviour of a £5 charity shop frock at the back of all those bin bags.

BOOM! Done and off out the door.

And, after all that internal faff, what a fabulous day it turned out to be. Of course it did! It was stuffed full of C & C and most of our closest friends. The sun was shiny and the sky was blue. There was indeed Pimms. And popcorn and profiteroles, steak and cake and a band who wrote a special song for the lovely ladies. 

Which was awesome.

Even the Queen was on the wall of the Masonic Lodge that was our home for the duration. Oh, and there was also handmade lavender shortbread biscuit wedding favors. How could I have forgotten them? I sure did scoff enough of them.

And, here be the dress that came to the rescue (a dresscue?) An 80's wonder-find bought last year teamed with wedge sandals and a cheap as chips straw bag. Oh, and a crochet brooch I had made that morning, when I still thought I had the luxury of time on my side.

We danced and drank late into the night and I have not stopped grinning about their epic day ever since.

Hurrah for the news Mrs & Mrs!

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