Saturday, 14 September 2013

Have a Go... How to - Tilt Hat Topper

This can be a little fiddly -  but it is well worth it. All in, this set me back about £15 and whilst it may have taken me a good couple of hours -  mostly because I was being distracted by the TV -  I would most certainly make something similar again.

I bought all the main components from eBay. I simply searched "millinery supplies" and up popped a plethora of bits. Which promptly went onto one of my many, many wish lists.

Anway -  here is the how to....

You will need:
1 hat base
Decortative what nots -  the sky's the limit -  I chose yellow flowers and leaves
Hat to hair fastening of choice
Sharp needle and thread to match your hat base and your adornment

Start by attaching your chosen clip or elastic to the underside of your hat base. I faffed about for aaaaages with this part - I even sewed on the elastic and then decided I didn't like it. At. ALL. In the end I plumbed for one of my springy pin curl ones. 

Use which ever fastening you prefer with the thread to match your hat base.

Once this is all secure, have a play about with the bits you want to fasten to the hat itself. If you are anything like me (you unlucky soul) then you will skip this part and rue the day you did so. Because you will find that you have not spaced things out correctly and have to carefully remove the things you have already stitched on. Such a waste of time.

So -  spend a little time having a think about how you would like it to turn out. Or, you may be a super organised person who has it all drawn out. Oh, how I envy you and your ability to plan things like this. No unpicking for you!

The flowers and leaves that I purchased were made of covered wire, so were very easily posed and I was able to stitch one on and then wrap the rest of the stem around the next piece.

I started by sewing on around the head of one of the flower clusters in green. I was not being precious about the underside of the hat at all. Others may wish to cover up all their sewing with felt. If this is the case -  sew your hat-to-hair fastening to this instead.

Once I had affixed the first flower, I then made my way round using alternate leaves and fleurs. Not the most complicated pattern, granted, but I liked the effect.

Once complete, I then added a floral and leaf combo to the centre. I added them whole and then snipped off the stems. Had I thought this through a little more (here comes the rue-age) I would have possibly added these bits first as I found it infuriating annoying hacked-me-right-off troublesome to get the needle in and around the clip I had already stitched into place. 


But, but, but.

All of that was forgotten once I had done my hair and slap and clipped it into place. I liked it.
 Oh yes, I liked it a lot.

And perhaps you do too and might just have a crack at making your own? All that is needed is a little time, creativity and pennies. No one else shall have one and when people comment you can say you made it. 
That sure is a lovely feeling. 

I. Made. It

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Summer Pops

Well -  I think that might actually be it. The summer that was. And it was, weren't it? Proper full-blast-summer-frock-rocking-sandal-wearing-sweat-in-places-you-didn't-know-you-owned- warm. After last year, I think a lot of us in Blighty thought that Summer was always a wash out. This year has reminded us how glorious it can be and how long it can stick around for.

But. I am over it now. You all know me -  I am a Winter wanderling. First comes the leaves and the crunch. The foraged fruity bounty for the freezer and the slow sinking of the sun. And then.Then it hits you in the face with a cold slap.


I am hankering for woolen tights, big belted coats, gloves and hats upon my bonce. Meals with mashed tats and gravy. Or groovy as it is known round ours.

Seeing breath in front of my face as I walk to work and watching it disappear in the fog. Walking in the fog and worrying about walking in the fog. Being late for work because I have spent too much time staring out the window, worrying about it, said fog, and willing it to clear.

Yes -  that. I am looking forward to all of it.

I am sure there are plenty of sunny days ahead, but all with that chill. Round your legs and all up in your face. The sort of chill that makes a long walk pleasant. Until you stop, and you realise just how hot you actually are.

I do so love it when the seasons change.

Oh yes, yes I do.


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