Thursday, 15 August 2013


After putting myself on yet another dress ban, I hit upon this 2 piece set. So. Not technically a dress. Right? Right? Yes -  that's how I convinced myself not to leave it behind in a lesser-visited charity shop.

That and the £4.99 price tag.

It is made from nice cool cotton, which has been a god send over the last few weeks. And even better than all of the above - someone at some point hand made it.

A score on all fronts.

And not a dress, right?

It is a glorious floral print on a black background and I love the fact that I can get 3 outfits from it. It has a nice gathered skirt with pockets.Oh how I love a dress 2 piece with pockets.

However, what I do not love is the sandals I chose to wear that day. My bejezzuhs, how they hurt my feets. They have been relegated to the charity shop pile. They can rip someone elses feet to shreds. Or perhaps they shall find the perfect owner who shall rave about them. I am clearly not that person. Evil shoes of hell.

Anyway -  where was I? Oh yes. My new-2-piece-most-certainly-not-a-dress purchase.

Over and out.

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