Tuesday, 16 July 2013

What I Did Wear /// Poly-Frockery and Posies

Hello there good people! Enjoying all the sunshine we are having at the moment? Nice, init? I could get used to this "summer" malark.

Back in mid June, just before the weather turned proper warm, I acquired a nice new frock from a charity shop. In all it's polyester glory. I love me some poly-action. I know it is not every ones boat floater - but for me it is comfortable, easy to care for and usually comes in some lovely prints fresh from the 80's. Case in point, this floral thing. At first I was none too sure if I liked the purples in the print. But for such a bargain at £5, I could not very well leave it on the rail.

Dress  - charity shop / pullover - carboot / shoes - ebay /  belt - Primark /  bag -  carboot

It has a high buttoned neck line, but I shall be putting in a couple of stitches to hold the collar back and make a nice V instead. Because the day was sunny but a tad wind-some, I teamed it with another new thrifted find. Initially I grabbed this jumper at a car boot for 50p thinking it would suit El Beardo. But, when he put it on, it was clearly for a lady. Shame that. Because, you know, you can never have too many tank tops. Add on my trusty flat T-bars and I was off. Oh, how I love these eBay shoes. I constantly scour for some just like it, as they are getting a bit battered now. No luck so far. Sigh.

Now, you would have spied that rather spectacular posie I am sporting?

Well now. I would love to say that this is all my home-made handy work - but alas. Tis not to be so. Which, actually, is a good thing - because it means that, should you fancy it, you can buy your very own here. I saw these on 1940's for You blog and I commented on how lovely they were and whether or not they were for sale. A few days later I received an email from the maker, Lucy, telling me that indeed they were for sale and asking me if I would like to review a couple of posie's for the blog? Why yes, yes I would, thank-you-very-muchly-kindly-thanks.

Designed by Lucy and hand crafted from high quality felt, I love this little anemone brooch to death. And considering they are so very resonably priced at £5.00 (+ p&p), I feel I shall be going back for more. It is great on a dress, a jumper, a coat, a jacket and even a hat. I'd wager it would look beauts nestled into some curls and secured with some hair pins.

She also sent me this wondrous bunch which is fully poseable. I usually bend the stems upwards to make a large posie - but I have also worn this as is on a plain black dress to give it a bit of oopmf. Coming in at £8 (+p&p) it's a lovely statement piece that won't brake the bank and is made right here in Blighty.

There are plenty more to chose from in her Etsy shop, and she is open to custom colours and what not. She is also really rather nice. Someone you would want to sit down and have a cuppa with.

My kinda gal.

Ps) this outfit was worn before the heat hit the Island. I would not be wearing polyester now if you paid me. Phewwww-weeeee!

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