Thursday, 27 June 2013

Love for the Bloglovin'

So - it seems to be true. The word on the (virtual) street has been confirmed. Google Reader is closing itself off to the world -  which is beyond the comprehension of most and in my world sucks. 

Well -  sucked. Because I am now a fully fledged member of Bloglovin' and am all 
"Google Reader who?"

If you would like to keep on reading my history-retro-fashion-thrifting-cat-random-carboot find-beauty-film-book-review-National-Trust-visitor-witterings, then please come on over to my Bloglovin' page.  There seem to be 2 on there from when I was publishing under a blogspot address, but even if you follow that one, you will be transfered over to You shall need to set up an account if you do not have one (the work of moments) and you can import all your bestest blogs and use it as your new reader. Simples.

If that is not your thang, there are other platforms to place your blog lists and of course you can always subscribe via email and look out for posts on the LandGirl1980 Facebook page and Twitter.

See you on the other side good people, see you on the other side.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

I Heart Lily Lolo Mineral Products - review

Perhaps this should have come with some sort of warning of me with no slap? Oh well -  too late now!  I thought it best to show you my chops au natural so that you can see the reason I officially heart Lily Lolo's product range.

My search started a month or so ago when I began to think about wedding makeup. As I am doing my own, I thought I would begin to try out products well in advance. I am thankful (as is my purse) that my seeking was soon over. I had heard from various sources that mineral foundation was the way to go, so after trying (and failing) with Sheer Cover (it just didn't do anything for me at all), I returned to good old Google and landed on the Lily Lolo website.

I found their shade helper incredibly useful and decided to order 3 separate samples to try out, plus some of the Flawless Matte Finishing Powder.  

I loved the little dinky sample pots, which provided me with well over a weeks worth of application. A little really does go a long way.

I then chose my shade (Warm Peach) and ordered the full size along with their Blush Away corrector and the matte finishing powder. Delivery was quick -  2 days -  and I even got a free eye shadow. Winning all round so far.

So, my application goes thus: I use a light moisturiser and get dressed whilst it's soaking in. Once I have my under-crackers on, I apply the green based Blush Away to my T-zone and my cheeks -  paying special attention to the little red pigmentation on the very end of my nose (the bane of my life -  but lasering it off seems a bit extreme -  so covering it is the only option) I then add a little of the matte powder as it has been a bit muggy here over the past couple of days and using it under the actual foundation is recommended by the little booklet I received.

I then go all in with the foundation. Saying "all in" indicates that I use a heap of the stuff -  but in truth, it is a few taps into the top of the lid and then picked up onto my brush (a Kabuki from The Body Shop). I tend to put the bulk on to my cheek, then swirl on my nose, other cheek and then all over, picking up the excess as I go.

The product claims to be buildable -  and that it is -  but I have yet to have to go back for a second application. A few taps of foundation really does work. And it pretty much stays in place, apart from on my nose (isn't that always the way? as the part I want to cover most?) but reapplying after lunch is literally a couple of sweeps and it is done. Keeping hold of the little sample pots comes in handy for this as they take up no room in my make-up bag.

Once I have added the other bits of my regular regime with lashes, brows and lips, I am off out the door. The whole thing takes under 5 minutes. Including lipstick. The foundation itself is a couple of moments from my day.

I love that, due to the natural ingredients, my skin has improved and it also offers me SPF 15 protection. It is also light on my skin and if I get a sweaty upper lip (nice), it does not form a tide mark. In fact, the only issues that I have had whilst trialing, was using it over a BB cream. It seemed to blend ok, but throughout the day, kind of separated. Since switching to a light moisturiser, things have been a-ok.

Now, I am usually a cheaper end of the make-up spectrum, never spending over £8 on foundation. So, when I saw the prices, I did balk a little. But not for long, as the samples alone convinced me this was the best way forward for me. A few weeks in, and I cannot believe how much liquid stuff, powder, finishing faff and what-nots I was putting on my skin before.

It also contains light reflecting particles, which I am reliably informed is grand for photographs. Kinda handy for this upcoming wedding of mine.

All in all, Lily Lolo gets a 10/10 from me!

Now... what to do with my barnet for the big day? 
Time to get a practising with some Edwardian-ness methinks....

*this is not a sponsored post -  all products were purchased with my own pretty pennies*

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Emily Wilding Davison 100

It seems strange to me that this day should already be here. I have been thinking about this centenary a lot since the beginning of the year. How would I mark it? Would there be a lot of media coverage? Would the day be recognized at all?

I have learnt more about her since a post I published over 2 years ago -  and she is far more tenacious and interesting than I had thought possible. For example, I had not realised she was force fed over 40 times whilst in Holloway Prison. It makes my throat hurt just thinking about it.

I have also come to fully believe that she did not intend to be struck that day. I have read that she had actually practiced attaching a sash to a galloping horse before she attended the Derby on June 4th 1913.

There have been some bits and pieces on the TV and on the radio today, as well as a dedicated programme last week. This year's Epsom Derby did mark the occasion with images of Miss Davison on large screens, but the idea of a minutes silence was abandoned due to the large number of people. In town a Suffragette flag was flown and there is also an exhibition to be seen which  I shall be visiting this weekend.

Aside from all of the above, I am pleased that there is a permanent memorial plaque in place. And that it actually marks the place where she crept under the barrier. Because, like a fool and trying to work it out from the footage, I was looking in completely the wrong place.

So, after the crowds of the Derby had dispersed, I headed on down to the Downs to see if I could search it out. With me I took a little something I had made in Suffragette colour's. I was not sure if I would be able to find the plaque, if there would be a lot of people there (which actually would have helped me find it, no?) or if there would be somewhere to tie my roses.

As you can see, I found it (in part thanks to the hawk eyes of The Beard) and was able to affix my humble offering. I then stood back and took in the scene.

I have to say, now I know exactly where it did happen and I was able to stand and look out on that part of the course with new meaning. I found it incredibly moving to think of her in the throng of all those people, being crushed by their bodies and deafened by their jeers and then deciding to do it -  to duck under and step out -  and try to attach a simple sash of white, purple and green to a hurtling horse.

And all so women could have the vote. Something that today in the UK is mostly taken for granted and often ignored. Personally, I vote every chance I get. 

With this very woman in mind.


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