Monday, 4 March 2013

What I did Wear: New boots & Thrifted Finds

You all know me. I like to be co-ordinated. But I am feeling very much meh about everything matching at the moment. I want to embrace my inner Helena B-C and wear what the hell I feel like, just because I like it.

Case in point, is this outfit. There are elements of matching, but I don't think it is glaring. I love each piece and wanted to wear all of them. At once. So I did.

We have my one of my eBay beret collection (never over £4) and my whopping £2.99 coat that I bought last year. Oh, how I have needed it over the past few months. It is as snuggly and warm as ever and with a touch of retro glam about it with the faux fur. Win.

And then? Well -  then we have my new boots. I have long longed for a pair of Victorian/Edwardian-esque boots, and one of my local charity shops came up trumps with these tan leather brogue looking ones. From the looks of it, they had never even been worn. I have since remedied that by gluing them to my hoofs.

And under the coat? Well, a hand-knitted and thrifted cardigan that has been a constant since I found it at a jumble sale. Practising my Jumble Boogie really has paid dividends on the new clothes front this year. I could never knit something like this for so little pennies, so when I see a hand knitted garment, I usually snaffle it.

Under the cardy is a thick cotton 1950's dress that I bought last year and promptly forgot all about. On organising my wardrobes recently -  thanks to A Thrifty Mrs - there it was in all it unworn glory. I felt it only right to take it on a nice, yet freezing cold, walk.

Thankfully I also had on some woollen tights and a thermal slip. Needs must. 

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