Tuesday, 12 March 2013

7 years, 3 rings,1 affirmative.

The Beard and I have been together for a wee while now. Seven years and a few months to be precise. So, when we headed off to our favourite out-of-season-spot, Brighton, on our 7th anniversary in November, I was looking forward to a day of mooching about other peoples old stuff, chips with mayonnaise and perhaps a nice sunset.

 I received all of the above. Hurrah! 

And a proposal of marriage. DOUBLE HURRAH.

It was not a total shock. We have been together for a fair old stint and it is something that we has been talking about as a when not an if in the preceding months. But, the surprise was the way in which The Beard asked me. No one knee, the ring in a glass of champers, sky-writing (although that would have been super cool) or a singing Mariachi band.

Just a sunset, a brisk north-easterly, crashing waves and the question of 
"Sweetheart, would you do me the honour of being my wife?"

I said yes, naturellement. It was the easiest decision I have ever made. Indeed, the proposal did not come in the first flush of love like so many do, but at a time when we have gotten used to one another and are moving onwards with our lives, with some vague idea of a plan. Not a five-yearer by any stretch of the imagination. But certainly something that involves us as a committed unit. 

I know some may feel that, after 7 years together, why is there the need for the whole marriage bit? Why the need for the legality? The paper? The pomp? I guess everyone's opinion differs on the subject. Well -  each to their own. 

My feelings are that, for me, marriage is important. I have been trying to decipher why, other than the answer "It just is". Perhaps it is to do with my own family? A family with practically no divorce? And if so, it is the divorce of folk who I do not really see all that much of? In my immediate fam - there is no divorce or separation on either side. All have, sadly, only been parted by death.

 Maybe? I often put it down to that.

I was presented with a token ring on the beach (ring une) and then we rushed to a little antique shop nestled within The Lanes where we bought what I thought was the ring (deux). I know now that I was completely and utterly caught up in the giddiness of it all. The romantic notion I have long held of finding the ring of someone 100 years past in the corner of a shops cabinet. So, obviously, with aforementioned giddiness, the first ring I liked the look of was that ring.  I loved it for it's quirkyness, faux pearl and price (forever thrifty)

But then? Well. Then I because swept up with the thought of a engagement ring proper. And so we picked the one I now wear with delight together. Based on an old setting, but with modern glitter rocks, I love everything about it.

Now we just have a wedding to plan. Just a wedding. I have many, many ideas, all of which shall be on a budget as much as possible. I am busy trying to learn new crafts so that I can make as much as possible and have already started to collect bits I think we might need. Thankfully, it is not until next year -  so I have a little time.

How long does it take to learn lace making? (joke)


  1. congrats. and THAT ring is magnifisent. the propasal brought a tear what lovely kind true honest words. me and the mr just celebrated 9 yeara last month

  2. Wowzers! Congratulations! What a lovely proposal story (and rings)

    Excited for the wedding updates now :D


  3. Congratulations! How exciting! Weirdly I wish I was still planning a wedding (but minus the family stress!) Also, I am totally with you on the marriage being important thing, we'd been together 6 years and had a 4 year old when we got married, it's just an important, public declaration of your love and commitment and hooray for that! a

  4. Congratulations! Can't wait to see the dress and the wedding planning posts. We had a similar drama with my engagement ring. You picked a beaut! Would like to see rings one and two though!

  5. Ahhhh congratulations lovely lady.
    You can totally do it on a budget and it be tres magnifique xx


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