Friday, 25 January 2013

Diggin' for Pretty Nostalgic

You all know how much of a fan I am of UK publication Pretty Nostalgic. It never fails to delight and interest me when it lands on my doormat every couple of months. I find myself ripping it open, flicking through and then saving it for a quiet evening when I can fully indulge in each and every page.

So, imagine the squeeeeeeel I let out when, back in November, I was asked to write a feature for issue 5. I had already been in conversation with their fab team about potential ideas and they thought I would be perfect to write a piece about gardening.

Which floored me slightly, as I have only a small balcony to my name. I live in the constant hope that I shall one day have a garden with space enough for beds and rows and lots of bamboo canes containing the fruits (and veg) of my labour. But, for now, I make do with pots and a window box.

Which, it turns out, can be made the most of with a little thought. My research lead me down the garden path to the past (doesn't it always?) and the advice of the 1940's. I researched and initially wrote a piece that had all the detail I wanted, but read more like a history lesson. It made me blow a raspberry at my laptop and reach for a cheering biscuit.

The deadline hurtled towards me, and at the 11th hour, I re-wrote the whole piece and fired it off, crossing fingers and toes that it would be a piece they could publish.

And, whaddya know? It's in the shops -  WH Smith is your best bet -  and available from them direct.

Enter more squuuueeeeeeeeeeeeling.

Thank you for all the comments and email's I have had about this piece. 
Warms the cockles, so it do.


  1. How exciting! I am going to pop to Canterbury tomorrow to see if they stock it. x

  2. What great news! Looking forward to reading it soon. X

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