Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Wartime Farm Charity Knit

What ho wondrous folk! This a very special post for a very special cause.

A couple of months back, I was contacted by the fabulous vintage knit designer and author Susan Crawford. Those of you adept at this knitting malark (I have yet to learn) will be all too familiar with her wonderful vintage knitting books and patterns. I can but stare at the photos and weep.

She had an idea that would sweep me off my feet and into fund raising mode without a moments hesitation.

With the success of the BBC Wartime Farm series in the Autumn, she wondered what I thought about her idea to design and sell a sleeveless pullover just like the one Alex Langlands wore on the show. She would be selling it for a mere £5.00 as a downloadable PDF.  I thought this most excellent.

But the best bit was yet to come (being further down in the email) Susan wanted to help raise funds for the Women's Land Army Tribute -  by giving half of each sale directly to the charity. She had very graciously asked me to become involved with seeking permissions for copyright, helping with press releases and ensuring promotion. 

Just as well -  for I cannot knit (weep)

I got in touch the lovely ladies at the Women's Land Army Tribute to and my contact at Octopus Publishing -  who handily cover all press for the Wartime Farm Team. Information and much enthusiasm was shared by all.

A truly versatile sleeveless pullover for kiddie winks and adults a like, the pattern comes with full instructions and yarn suggestions. I think this would look a treat teamed with a nice shirt and trews or over the top of a frock.

Smart enough for work, tough wearing enough for play, authentic enough for the most strident vintage enthusiast.

And so -  there we have it! 

Pretty much all ready to go and be knitted by your own fair hand! 

The official release shall be on the 9th January - but this can be pre-ordered now and shall be sent straight to your inbox - just in time to be knitted and worn in the snow (you know it's coming) and worn again and again through the seasons. 

I am so proud of being a part of this -  I could burst. 

Please -  spread the word good people on your blogs, twitter, facebook and anything else you can think of! There is a handy blog button on the top left sidebar -  feel free to use it on your own blogs if you so wish! It is 250x250 but can be made smaller should you so wish. I recommend PicMonkey for this.

Get tongues wagging and those needles clicking!

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  1. Thank you so much for all your help Charly. I couldn't have done it without you xxx


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