Friday, 21 December 2012

Thrifted Decs and Fairy Lights

With today being Winter Solstice (if you are reading this then, by Jove, the world hasn't ended. Hurrah!)  I felt it time to share my fairy lights with you (that is not a euphemism) 

I feel as though the Yuletide Spirit has finally graced me with her presence. The UK may be dark, miserable and wet at the moment, but this makes me feel all the more warm and cosy and all the more festive. Those fairy lights seem to burn somewhat brighter whilst the rain lashes against the window and the wind howls down the chimney.

Although we decorated our home way back at the very beginning of the month -  I am firmly in the longer-they-are-up-the-better-but-never-before-December camp - there are certain holiday items of mine that I never tire of looking at. I delight in taking them out of the box and greeting them with a cheery "hello". And I feel a little sad when I have to put them away again, knowing that it shall be 11 months until they are back in their places.

Being a whole hearted thrifty shopper, all of my beloved dec's have come to me via gifts, charity shops, car boots, the local jumble or the January sales -  usually right at the end of the month when things are super-dooper cheap. Especially in the case of the second hand items, I never stop wondering, as they stare back at me from their perches, about who they belonged to and if they were as cherished by their previous owners as they are by me.

One such item is a 1980's plate. It may hail from the decade of my birth -  but it has a very 40's looking scene glazed on to the front and it is this picture that makes me grin. From it's place in the kitchen windowsill, it is the thing I gaze at as I am washing up another load of plates and bowls. Yuletide in my home tends to be an steady round of making tasty treats and then the inevitable washing up that comes afterwards. As I scrub away at a stubborn piece of baked on cake mix, I wonder about if this lone plate has always been so, maybe on someone else's window sill or perhaps the soul survivor of a whole set that was only used on Christmas Day?

 A couple of years back, as a beautiful gift from an overseas friend, I received a pair of ruby red 1970's Avon glass goblets. When they arrived I knew that they would look even more jewel like if lit from within. A couple of tea lights later and the deal was sealed. Originally belonging to my pals mother, she had decided she no longer wanted them and so they winged their way to me.  I am pleased the report that they are now a permanent fixture of our end of year celebrations.

And lastly, upon the tree itself, nestled amongst the baubles, artificial greenery and twinkly lights are a set of wooden ornaments that I thrifted the year me and my other half moved into our flat. They are simple, but effective and they cost me all of 50p. A Santa, a Snowman and a Tree, dotted about and smiling out at me. 

I spy them when I am watching endless Yuletide TV specials and smile back.

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