Friday, 14 December 2012

Brr-some Birthday Carouselling

There are few things that excite me more than an old fashioned carousel. With horses that bob up and down to chirpy music. I don't think I have been on one, if at all, since I was a wee small thing with bunches and a dolly under my arm.

So, imagine my delight, when upon rocking up to a Christmas Market on London's Southbank, I was greeted by a nostalgia inducing whirl-a-gig for only £2 a ride. 

And on my birthday no less! 

I clapped - well - slammed my fur-gloved hands together to make a dull thudding sound -  and ran up to the pay booth.

 I chose my steed. John, a slightly snarling black equine, was in the running, but I plumbed for Ronnie. She looked like something Mary Poppins would magic right off of the moorings and into a race. Which would be won and celebrated with song.

Although this didn't happen (much to my disappointment) I could have gone round and round and ROUND all day. Well worth every of it's 200 pence per ride.

After strolling up and down the rest of the market and parting with cash for some photographic artwork by Quirk London ,who has an amazing stall there, we headed for home and a nice fat steak.



  1. Ahh, Mary Poppins eat your heart out. i just loved that film as a child!! Looks like you had a thoroughly lovely birthday :-)

  2. I love a carousel ride. A few months ago I rode one with a few friends. We had such fun! Some kids did think we were nuts, but never mind ;) My birthday is on monday and it too will end with steak... Happy birthday to you!!!!!!


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