Friday, 2 November 2012

Singin' in the Rain


I don't actually remember the last time I saw a musical at the theatre. I had practically forgotten their existence, on account of high prices and nothing that has really piqued my interest. That was until I was invited to see Singin' in the Rain at the Palace Theatre.

I had heard about the production, and even caught sight of a bit of it on this years Royal Variety Show. I mentally kicked myself for not ever having seen the film. I know, I know. I am sure there is some law against my peepers not spying "classics" -  but buying a box set with the intention of watching must count for something? 

So. I entered the theatre with no expectations at all.

I loved the theatre itself. Built in the late 1880's, it has been home to many a play and musical.  When I am in an old theatre in London and am waiting for the show to start, I have a good old look about. I wonder about the people who once graced the boards before me, the laughter or gasps of shock that rang through the seats, the smoke that would have once hung in the air. I have to say, I wandered off into my own little dream world about it all.

My attention was soon restored to the present with a big old, rootin' tootin' musical number. I do love grand opening. There were dancers all over the shop. And what dancers they were. I was making eyes at hair do's that were staying put (were the glued in place?) and shoes that looked retro and comfortable. I glossed over the 1940's looking 1920's ladies frocks (not dissimilar to the film, I am reliably informed) because, honestly, that dancing!

The main character were all fabulous. It's a tough job up on that stage. No retakes or editing. And the performance was pretty much flawless. For me, the part of Lina Lamont- played by Katherine Kingsley - was my bestest. I do have a love of a New Yoik accent. She was like the love child of Betty Boop and Janice from Friends.

The assembled cast made the show for me. They made me really feel like I was seeing a show - an old time show. Made me long for real dancing to make a return to life as a pastime for all.

And as for the water - all those 14 tonnes raining down? Which is cleaned, recycled and reused for each performance? Amazing. I was worried about where I might be seated -  as I was not aptly frocked for a soaking. Once I knew I was safely out of the way, I actually would have quite like to be in the stalls, nearish to the front. It looked like a whole lot of fun to be part of the show in such a fashion.

It made me smile from start to finish. I wanted to applaud at the end of each major routine -  and wholeheartedly did. I even stood up at the end and clapped and clapped.

I feel that you could be sitting in the Gods or right at the front within sniffing distance of the stage, and you would enjoy it equally. If you are ever in town -  it is definitely worth a look in.

Singin' in the Rain is showing at the Palace Theatre. Ticket prices start at a mere £15.

Now. Where's that box set?

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