Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My Hair Curling Arsenal ~ 5) Bendy Rollers

Oh hai there comrades! How be all of thee? Well I trust.

Here we are with this months instalment of the my Hair Curling Arsenal. 
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These came into my life after a look in the good old £1 shop. 2 packs later and I was off home to relive my youth of an uncomfy nights sleep and frizzy hair. Or so I thought. 

These bendy foam covered stylers surprised me to say the least and are now a firm favourite  on the what-to-curl-my-hair-with circuit.

I have found that I prefer to work with the longer ones out of the pack, especially for the back of my head as they are just that little bit simpler to use.

I wet my hair before I commence -  usually with mousse, leave in conditioner (as in this case) or setting lotion. Always on dry hair.

I roll the hair downwards and then bend the ends upwards to hold them in position. If you tend to roll your hair upwards then you shall have to do the opposite - but I have found this a little digging to sleep on.

 I have been curling my hair for a good few of years now and have found my own pattern to work to -  so this is not a structured set.

One thing I really like about these is the amount of hair I can get on them. They are completely adaptable to my mood (read: enthusiasm level) as I can grab great bit wodges of locks for loose waves or much smaller sections to give a much tighter result.

 I then cover it all in a headscarf and get me to sleep. Which I find really very comfortable. I remember these from the early 1990's - when crimping was out and foam rollering or plaiting damp hair was in  - and sleep worthy they were not. 

However -  I also do not remember ever sleeping in a headscarf to keep them all in check and I had a penchant for slumbering on a selection of my favouritist teddies as opposed to an actual pillow. I feel all of these attributed to my former unfavourable feeling towards these devices.

The next morning - and they are all dry and ready to be unwound and styled.
Before I set to it with a brush - I run my fingers through it all to separate the curls. 

I then pull my "aaargh my curls!!" face -  which results in my nostrils going into over drive.

A bit of gentle brushing and it is all soon sorts itself out. I do not tend to use pomade -  it does very little for my hair other than weigh it down. I rely on hair spray and pins. My hair always drops - it is a fact I have have had to get my grumpy oh-but-its-not-FAIR!!!! self used to. 

It's just the way it is.

I find that a set using these lasts me a good couple of days with at least some shape. I tend to re-roll large chunks of dry hair at night to keep the shape longer.

For a couple of quid, they were well worth the punt and have become a firm feature.

Ease of Use:  8/10

Comfort when Sleeping: 7/10

Longevity of Curl: 8/10

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