Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Fog! The Fog!

Can you see me through the gloom? The gloom that has surrounded my little apartment for the past 2 days? I have not been able to see to the end of the road. It has been a constant greyness for a whole 48 hours. 

And I kinda like it.

It has been making me pack up all my non seasonal-cross over frocks, have a good old Autumnal clean and make copious amounts of soup for the freezer. Turkey and Sweet Potato is the only soup I am any good at. It is surprisingly cheap and simples to make. And filling. And generally yummy.

I have been thinking of writing a how to recipe type thang? Would anyone be interested?

The weather has also made me feel less guilty about staying in when I am not ill or because I have to for some other reason. Just being at home because I can is one of my most favourite things at the moment. I have made a small cocoon of my home over the last few months. It made me twitch at first -  and now I am ready to head back into the world of full-timers -  I know I shall miss it.

And the mogs. Who like to get up all close and personal.

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  1. Turkey and sweet potato? I've never heard that combination - I'd give it a go if you shared the recipe!

    The fog was crazy here earlier this week as well, it wasn't pleasant driving and I got stuck on the motorway for 40 minutes because someone had obviously not adjusted their speed accordingly!!

    Porcelina xx


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