Monday, 29 October 2012

Sunshine Memories

That's it folks. It has gone cold in the Northen Hemisphere. Whilst I am one of those that rejoices in the company of frost, long nights and the possibility of snow, I am still lamenting for the Summer that never really got going.

That said, there were days when the rain cleared, the grass dried and the sun shone forth. The sort of heat that would not be pleasing to a cat and a tin roof. On these days, I grabbed sandals, a cotton frock and the biggest straw hat I could find. We headed off, with books & food, for secluded places with leafy shade and a country estate in the back ground.

There were dappled (slightly spooky looking) woodland trails, butterflies, buzzy things and sheep lazily munching grass. Or just laying under trees, begging to be sheered.

 No sound of traffic, no barking dogs, no intrusions.

And the glory of it all? I get to go back and explore it in the frosty delights of Winter.

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