Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My Hair Curling Arsenal ~ 4) Bobble Rollers

I am sure that there is a far more correct, technical, term for these  - but  I know not what it be.

For a very long time, these were my go to from my arsenal. I was given a mixed bag of hair bits by Margaret last year, which contained about 6 of the blue rollers above. They were too big for my shorter locks in the New Year, but I loved the fact that they allowed air to travel to the core of the hair.

So I went on a search. An eBay search.

I found them here on line relatively cheaply, but have since seen them in various independent pharmacies. They are often called "soft rollers"  or "bedtime rollers"- which makes me think of sponge rollers - and I have to say, they may be made of firm-ish plastic, but they are very comfy to sleep in.

I start by sectioning off the top of my hair with the aid of a rat-tailed comb and then set to rolling.

I use setting lotion with these, although I am sure that all other agents would work just as well. Mousse is a good one for me if I am out of lotion. I apply from a spray bottle and always neat. Water and my hair produces only frizz, so I never dilute.

Now, I have been using these for a while now, and there is a trick to getting them in, and out, of your locks.

Once my hair is damp, I wrap it around the roller, making sure I have the ends all in. The little spikey bits on this work really well for this.

 I then take hold of the bobble in one hand and make sure that I have a firm grip on it and the elastic. As I roll, the elastic does become twisted - but it is in my hand and not attached to a stray piece of hair and making me wince.

Once the hair is all wrapped around, I then let go, the elastic un-twists and I can stretch it over and pop the bobble in the end with no wincing. Win.

For these, I usually roll the top section under and the rest of the hair up.

As with putting them in, there can be issues with that pesky elastic when taking them out. When I first started to use these -  they became entangled on more than one occasion. But I was so impressed with the longevity of the curl, that I kept working with them until I had mastered it.

The trick is to pop the bobble out of the end and then let go. I have had terrible trouble with the curler itself becoming caught and those wondrous grippy teeth, that so helped me when putting them in, turning against me. Tease, don't pull these out, and you should have minimal issues.

I find these great to sleep in, because they are small and therefore closer to the head than sponge rollers ever could be.

I have seen these for sale in the XS size (pink) and slightly larger (yellow). They are washable, and repairable. I like this muchous. If the elastic breaks,  I can fix it instead of chucking it in the bin.

Ease of Use:  6/10

Comfort when Sleeping: 7/10

Longevity of Curl: 8/10


  1. Oh I've never seen these before, they look easy though, thanks for the tip!x

  2. Jessica Cangiano3 October 2012 at 20:08

    Yay! I've been so eagerly awaiting the next installment in this fantastic series on curlers! I've seen these a few times over the years at yard sales and online, but have never given them a spin. I have very fine, thin hair and know from experience that things with spikes/velco almost never work on me, as they just get horribly tangled, but I adore the end result set you get with your here so much that I'd be willing to give these neat rollers a go (thinking optimistic, tangle-free thoughts all the while).

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Wish I could make my ahir go all pretty and curly... but somehow no matter how long they stay in my hair they ALWAYS fall out!! Love seeing these posts! x

  4. oooh I've never tried these ones before! I'll be hurrying down the shop tomorrow! I didn't even think about the fact you could fix them, my sponge ones never last very long, thansk for the tips!

    Also, the curl looks sooo good, really tight and bouncey :) always enjoy seeing the outcomes of these posts, thanks xxx

  5. The curl really does hold well doesn't it? And they're reasonably comfy to sleep in? Winner!

    How do you stop them getting tangled up in one giant mess? My hair's really long, but when it was shorter that was my main issue, that and the curl lying in a really random direction on my head (but I think that was me putting some of them in the wrong curling position to start with!)

    Love the pics too!

  6. I would love to try these, they seem better than the spnge rollers, but do you think my hair would become one big tangled mess if I were to try this on my waist length hair?
    Love Lil x

  7. Brilliant post. I remember my Nana using these. She kept hers in an old Quality street tin and i have no idea how, but she managed to sleep in them. When i had hair to curl i used to use the foam curlers and found they were ideal if you wanted to sleep in them to wake up with curly locks. My hair had to have the overnight treatment as i have dead straight hair that would spring back to it's straightness if i tried heated tools or even just using rollers for a couple of hours. If you don't have setting lotion try melting a little sugar in boiling water and waiting for it to cool down, then applying to hair in a spray bottle. Old fashioned but worked for me. x

  8. My mother used to use these. I'd be scared they'd get tangled up in my hair, it's just too long anyway for them. Ever since a horrible incident when in my early twenties, when I got one of those spiky hot brush things caught and couldn't get it out, I've been very wary of anything likely to tangle. It was a most panic inducing experience! I actually had to 'phone my mother to come over to my house and rescue me from the rotten thing, it took ages among much muttering of it having to be cut and yells of not on your life. Talk about needing gin afterwards!

  9. Hey there Julie :) Thanks for commenting. I am not a fan of foam rollers at all - they always make my hair frizz & they don't last all that long :( I also have tried the sugar stuff - held my hair a treat - but EUGH! I was so sticky! My head felt like candy floss! Here is my review of it: I might try flat beer now that the weather has cooled down - I have heard that it really works & is good for your hair! Worth a shot :)

  10. Howdy Helen! Yes - I have the randomness when I wake up too - which is why, when I come to take them out, I just un bobble and let the elastic sort itself out. I have found that the most trouble I get into with these is when *i* try to direct it. It's like those little teeth come out in defence! Once the elastic has decided if it's going over or under or whatever, I take them out gently. Pulling them makes it worse :)

  11. Yas, mucho yucko and sicky i agree. Oh not heard about beer. Might try it on my new short hair do as i still need staying power to mould that.

  12. Now I'm curious to try these! I use foam rollers mostly, in part because I like how easy it is to deal with the ends, since my hair is slippery and it's so hard to get those started around anything (and I am so not fussy enough to deal with end papers), and the foam just makes them kind of stay put. I like per rods well enough but because of the slippery issue I find them hard to start, and have tangle issues sometime with the rubber band. But that seems similar to these, and you gave a great tip on that! Plus I love that these let air through. And if there's a chance I'd get less frizz, yee haw. I want to find some and give 'em a try! :D

  13. The best thing for my hair is linseed setting lotion. It's the only thing for me that does exactly what I expect it to every time :)

  14. I wonder if these will be better than my foam rollers now my hair is shorter? Might track some down!

  15. They worked a treat for me when The Beard cut my hair short :)


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