Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sissinghurst Castle

There is nowt quite like a glorious garden in glorious weather. The Beard and I were blessed with both when we had some holiday last month.

Aiming to get as much out of our National Trust membership as possible, we travelled down to Sissinghurst Castle -  married home of Vita Sackville West.

I am already in love with her childhood home -  Knole - which we visited last year.

Initially, I was a little disappointed that only the library, tower and gardens are open to the public and I will admit, I huffed a bit. I like me old houses, so I do.

But -  on entering the walled garden, all huffyness was forgotten.

There were so many varieties of flowers -  especially roses -  on display, I could not stop snapping them. I have a yet unrealised dream of a garden full of roses and wildflowers. Something I cannot bring to fruition on our tiny balcony *WEEP*

Although it was fairly scorchio weather wise - there were plenty of cool shady bits. And not only were there flowers, but also apples and a whole host of beehives.

I could see myself becoming a beekeeper and making my own beauty potions from the honey. I have been following Neals Yard Bee Lovely campaign with much interest as well as all the national ones . We really do need these little furries in all their shapes and sizes. Hand pollination is not something I relish the idea of. 

And we all know, I do love the beeeeee's.

There is a really intimate feeling to the gardens. They were in full bloom when I visited, and they were heaving with all sorts of butterflies and buzzy things.

Now, not only am I in love with Knole, and since my visit, Sissinghurst, but also the lady herself -  Vita. I have always felt very drawn to her and Virginia Woolf, without really knowing why.

Although I still don't really know, that adoration was cemented when I climbed the tower to peek through a barred door at Vita's personal writing room.

Gah! It looked like a cosy, booked filled, cave. Somewhere to be creative in seclusion and comfort.

I need to get me a tower.

The views from the top are stunning. And it was lovely and breezy up there. The Beard hung around near the middle, not wanting to release his inner vertigo demon.

Vita Sackville West, as well as designing and writing books about her glorious garden, was also active in supporting and promoting the Womens' Land Army during the war. In fact, she wrote the  WLA book that Crinoline Robot gave me, as well as the forward to a Land Girl poetry book that I have.

And, thanks to a commenter on my post about Nymans, who is one lucky blighter to live in the grounds of Sissinghurst as a gardener, I now know that Land Girls lived on location  during the conflict.

What an awesome place to have digs.


It was a grand day out, and one I am very pleased we made the effort to drive to. I have never been so delighted to be "just a garden", for a delightful garden it is!


  1. Oooh, it's so beautiful, absolutely divine. I'm looking at it and an unseemly pool of envy drool is forming round me! Knole is also somewhere I'd love to see. I was born for grander things, it really isn't fair. I'm also a big fan of bees.
    Lovely frock. Can't you take it in? Only asking as it looks good on you and I'm someone who will go to great lengths to adjust and repair my favourite things, sometimes long after they really should have been given the last rites.

  2. Oh I love my national Trust membership! Especially when you get to go to the costume exhibitions they ahve on at some of the houses (Killerton is amazing)

    Janine from

  3. The gardens look beautiful and so do you, that dress is lovely :-) when we get our garden cleared I intend to plant rose after rose after rose!

    I've been loving your hair tutorials by the way :-)

  4. That dress is just gorgeous on you - sorry that the fit isn't quite as you'd like. This whole setting is so enchantingly lovely - very peaceful and just the place where I know I'd garner a lot of inspiration.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. I have always felt I deserve a turret. And now I want my name in tiles somewhere as well!
    My rosebush has finally met the great gardener in the sky, so I may treat myself to one of of David Austin's roses - have you seen them? So gorgeous. Old style with the lovely fragrance but disease resistant too.


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