Monday, 17 September 2012

Back to my Roots ~ a ColourB4 review

I had planned one of these many moons ago, when I had long hair. The photos were of me with very very orange hair once the job was complete. Oh how you would have laughed. Alas, they were all lost in The Great Hard-Drive Death of 2010 -  along with all my shots of my first trip to France. Bums.

So, I thought I would document this product once more. I have long since stopped using permanent colours on my hair, because I do tend to get a lot of build up at the bottom. 
And do you know what? I actually quite like my natural colour. So, I thought I would try to get it back.

Knowing how truly luminous orange this had sent my roots before -  I decided, before purchase to only apply it to the bits I didn't like.

Which was handy, as this was the advice of the pamphlet. A change since I last used it. I did, on both occasions, buy a back up colour in case of an unsightly result.

Folk who have used this before do tend to complain about the scent. Now, it is not fragranced by Chanel, granted, but it is also not gag inducing.

The only thing that made me wrinkle my nose was how much the product in colour and consistency  reminded me of... errr.... jiz. Which I am sure is fairly nutritional for your locks, unlike this chemical laden concoction.

So, I worked it all into my hair as suggested and then covered it and left it for an hour. I looked hot to trot during this phase. Mmm mm mmmm!

There is then a rather lengthy rinsing phase (10 mins) followed by a buffer phase (5 mins) followed by a second rinse (5 mins)

I did find my hair felt a little straw like whilst rinsing. Very squeeky in fact, like every bit of moisture had been taken out. So, I slapped on some heavy duty conditioner - I use Aussie 3 min conditioner on account of it's delicious smell and great results on my hair -  and then dried. 

I then rushed to the mirror to look.

I was proper pleased. As in clappingly so. All my hair, for the most part, appeared to be one colour. All that rinsing and wrinkly fingertips from so long in water was all worth it. Even the £11 price tag (you can get this cheaper from else where in the UK -  Wilkinsons I am looking at you -  but I had already bought it and was in a unthrifty mood for the sake of £5)

I set it with some Aussie Leave in Conditioner (I do this about once a month for a healthy shine, lovely smelling locks and ok lasting set) and waited to see what it would look like when done.

Huh. I was a bit bemused. The colour that I had rinsed out, that was not there the night before, appeared to back in part. And it seems to be getting darker as the week has progressed.  It has not gone back to the shade it was before, but it is certainly darker than it was in after the initial drying.

I have not used any chemical setting lotion on my hair this week at all (purely because I think it has been horribly dried out using this) and opted for some home made linseed stuff instead. Thankfully, by hair is now back to normal.

Initially, Colour B4 did exactly what it said on the box and I was very pleased with the results. But, now I am not so sure. Perhaps if I had dyed over it, instead of leaving it, the patchy dark bits that seem to be coming back to life, would not be noticable? 

I do like that the darker bits are certainly more brunette looking than black, but I am confused by the chameleon-ness of it the whole affair.


An unsure 


  1. How on earth do you manage to look so cute whilst applying scary chemicals to your hair?! How strange that your hair got darker after the initial treatment. It looks in lovely condition though, which is something that scares me about those kits. x

  2. You correctly shrunk the colour molecules but they weren't properly rinsed out and went back to their previous state when they became oxidised again. Sorry

    1. Hello Fiona - thank you for commenting. I did, in fact, rinse this out thoroughly- with a timer, as suggested, and the correct amount of times :)

  3. Yes, I was going to mention the oxidation thing to me, a hair stylist mentioned it to me once as a potential to happen when she was trying to bleach out a different color in my hair. It was a bright orangey red, and then days later almost black. Although not understanding much about the process, that's all I can contribute. Regardless, I think your hair color looks beautiful in all the pics!

    1. I think this is where dying back over it comes into play! Had I done that - which kind of defeated the object - I would never have noticed this oxidation shabang. Thanks for that - I thought I was going mental. Good to know it doesn't have anything to do with me doing it wrong :D xx

  4. Don't think I will be trying this but may substitute jiz for my Tresemme!

  5. Casually reading & drinking my morning coffee, la la la.... Then I get to the jiz part, and inhale coffee/laugh/choke ridiculously. Too good! Regardless of the 5/10 experience, your hair looks fantastic!

    Thanks for the giggle!
    <3 Sara

  6. So, what is the natural color of your hair? Because if it is the auburn color from the initial blowout, why in the world would you ever dye it? LOL I love that color. Of course I'm biased because it looked like my natural color. The parts that aren't slowly going blonde. Don't tell me it is grey. It isn't grey. It is platinum blonde. Just a few strands at a time. LOL

  7. You do make me smile. I've heard mixe views on this very same product. I almost used it to strip the black from my bonce to go back to erm..grey and start all over again, but in the end my mum marched me to the hairdresser like I was fifteen! Just as well I feel as I wouldn't have done as good a job as you. Your crowning glory does look lovely despite the 5/10.xx

  8. Jizz. Hahahahahahahaha! I do love it when you're a bit obscene, old bean!

  9. I've never tried this, but then I've never used permanent colour. I'm hopeless when it comes to this sort of thing, the bathroom ends up in the most awful mess and because the stuff only turns colour after a bit and I'm as blind as a bat without my specs, I can't see where I've spilled it, and then the room looks like I have been slaughtering something. Which reminds me, I need to paint over the white bits that now have weird pale reddish streaks on them!
    Your hair looks lovely though, it always does.

  10. I had the same problem with Colour b4. My roots are now more or less my natural colour, but a lot of it returned at the ends so now I am a bit of a weird ombre colour. Hmmm

  11. Going back to my own colour (professionally done)in a couple of weeks,be interesting to compare. My own colour is radically different to the red and I don't actually remember what it is! x

  12. Your expressions in these shots are priceless! I really like the finished colour actually. It looks like you've intentionally added highlights and lowlights, and the overall hue is very becoming on you.

    ♥ Jessica


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