Sunday, 5 August 2012

50 Years Gone ~ Not Forgotten

I don't think she ever shall be.  The word iconic is often used in relation to her and for many on the retro style road, she is an inspiration. From the curly blonde locks, the hourglass figure, the pouting lips to the well shaped eyebrows.

But, in truth, none of the Hollywood Monroe inspires me. 

The blonde sex bomb look she developed on the road to fame and maintained steadfastly for the rest of her life, is beautiful, but I have no real desire to emulate it. Nor could I carry it off. It is just not me.  The iconic images I first saw of her they may be, but they are not the images that have kept my attention. 

Those belong to photographer Andre de Dienes and were taken when Norma Jeane was transitioning into Marilyn Monroe. In these earlier shots, she has longer, darker, untamed hair. She is sexy and alluring, but not in a curve hugging silken dress kind of way. Her eyes are wide open, or creased through smiling & laughter. She asks you to come and play on the beach as opposed to take her to bed.

 When someone mentions Marilyn, it is this version of her that comes to mind for me. It shall never be the image that graces my TV screen from the whirr of the DVD player.  That shall be all blonde & whiggly,  ditsy & darling, seductive & sassy.

I like the fact that she is frozen like this, in her late teens and early twenties, on the cusp of fame. Before the script readings, the movie deals, the famous marriages, the even more famous love affairs, the barbiturates and that white dress.

I shall be remembering her today, in all her glory. From the beginnings in 1945 to the untimely end 50 years ago.

Marilyn Monroe -  1926 - 1962


  1. I think you are right I too adore the early "Marilyn" she looks so fresh faced and beautiful, although she remained stunning throughout her life. Just in these pictures she looks so full of life and happy

  2. She's not my favourite from that era but I have always preferred the photos of Norma Jean to the later ones when she really did become a product, such a shame really.

  3. This is a lovely post! I agree- there is something magical about these pictures, and carefree. She's at the cusp of all the Hollywood madness and you kind of wish you could just save her from it all.

  4. Eloquently, touchingly said, dear gal. Beautiful post and look back at one of the most unforgettable women of the twentieth century - if not all time.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Golly! She's so beautiful here! I much prefer this version of her too!

  6. the best marilyn anniversary post I have read! Beautifully written and I always love to see the pre 'sex symbol' photos. She has this incredible warmth and I love how you put it thats she is inviting you to play on the beach not into her bed.

    Great honest post.


    The Marilyn Adventures


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