Monday, 9 July 2012

Tea Party Time

Back in March, when the weather was glorious, just before the drought in the UK was declared, swiftly followed by rain which has yet to cease, I hosted a little tea party.

I made lots of scrummy things to nom and invited some of my friends.

I made sweet things and savoury things, including tinned salmon and cucumber sarnies. Ooooh yeah!! 
The taste of Sunday lunches at my Grans.

And, finally - oh! finally -  I had a use for my 1930's tea plates. A whole set of 6 that I picked up in a charity shop for £1.30. I have yet to find such a bargain since.

Being they type of gal who likes to have a go in the kitchen, I turned to a book I have had for a while, but have failed to use.

The Vintage Tea Party by Angel Adoree, creator of Vintage Patisserie is a treasure trove, not only of recipes but of ideas also. I know that it has been on the market for a while, but, if you have not checked it out, then please do so. You will not be disappointed.

I made her Chicken & Bacon rolls (beyond simple -  although blitzing raw chicken made me want to heave -  it just looked so wrong) and Spinach & Parmesan muffins. Although, mine were fairy cakes as it is all I had to hand. 

I made both in advance, cooking and freezing the cakes, and freezing the rolls unbaked, cooking from frozen for about 30 mins at GM5. This saved me a whole host of time. 
And me likes that.

I also made a bumper batch of WW2 Carrot Scones and some orange curd. 

Which were served with the clotted cream. Dribble

I spy Margaret from Penny Dreadful Vintage

And so, we sat in the hazy warmth of my front room, ate copiously and some of us got a bit drunk.


There was lots of laughter and I was taught the beginnings of crochet. Hurrah!

I heart this picture of Lena from Style High Club

And then, all that was left was a full tummy, a foggy head and a sleepy body.

Oh. And the washing up.

Ohhhhh, Beard.....?


  1. What a delightful Tea time indeed! LOVE those plates, what a bargain! My 1930s set have sat almost unused since I found them, if only the weather could cheer up, I could have a garden shindig! Those Carrot Scones & Orange Curd SHALL BE MIIIIIINE!!!

  2. Sounds just lovely. I have that book too - have made a few things from it but love just looking at it too! M x

  3. How frightfully civilised! I love those plates...bargain! Share the recipe for the Parmesan and spinach muffins and I'll love you forever. xxx

    1. Here you go Vix - this isn't the one from Angel's book - but it is practically the same...

  4. I love The Vintage Tea Party book, such a nice change to find original ideas within its pages! Looks like a lovely feast - and your plates are just splendid.

  5. Those scones and the orange curd look delicious and those plates are gorgeous.

  6. Wow everything looks delicious! :)

  7. There is nothing more inviting than a nicely set tea table. I have that book, not used the recipes yet but it's lovely to flick through.
    It's so nice to have a chance to use the old dishes that must have graced many a table in the past.
    Gosh, it makes me realise how much I miss my friends, not one of them lives remotely near me and I see them very rarely, bum! Glad you had fun.

  8. Ungh I just came back from lunch and looking at this is making me feel hungry again... :)

  9. I do love a tea party! It all looks wonderful and your china is gorgeous.
    Angel's book is an inspiration.xxxx

  10. Yum! and your house is lovely:)

  11. Now I'm hungry for yummy noms! And I need a bunch of girlfriends who'd appreciate such a lovely tea party. Failing in both of those departments, I'm going to pour myself a cup of tea--that I can do! ;)

  12. it looks like a lovely vintage tea party, shame about the washing up!

  13. I've thought of having a tea party but never gone ahead with it. It's nice to entertain with your pretty "real" dishes, it's just unfortunate that you end up with a pile of washing up to do!!

    I'm intrigued by the Vintage Tea Party book. They look quite yummy!

  14. What a thoroughly fantastic looking spread, you all look absolutely terrific - and the food, well, let's just say you've got this Canadian gal smacking her lips something fierce! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  15. Looks like a great party! I have that book but haven't tried anything yet :( x

  16. The Vintage Tea Party book is ace, and it's great to see more of the recipes in action.

    Your plates were a fab find - and your tablecloth! I am most envious of your tablecloth.

  17. Oooooh, what a delightful affair! A lovely (gorgeous shade of green, might I add) front room filled with vintage beauties, lots of noms and a good sprinkling of booze I should assume- just the way it should be! xxx

  18. Haha looks fun! Your food looks yummy and your plates are so cute! :D

  19. Love 30s china, those plates are lovely. And ALL the stuff to go on them looks awesome too. I have the Vintage Tea Party book but haven't made anything from it yet, always good to have reviews before attempting stuff.


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