Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Olympic Torch-tastic

So, ermm, yeah. I am excited about the Olympics. I didn't think I would be. Lord knows it has been one media storm of embarrassment after the other in recent weeks, which has made me roll my eyes, shake my head and swear.

But, I forgot all my doubts when I actually saw the relay.

Because, that was one well oiled machine. And it bestowed upon me the unexpected thrill of holding an original torch from 1948.

Hell yeah.

Maybe it was because the sun had (FINALLY!) come out for more than a nanosecond, or it was all the children who, having broken up for the summer, were high-fiving police officers along the route, or the people who had set up a table & chairs + Pimms outside their garden gate - but  I felt like all my wasted & washed out Jubilee jollity came to the fore.

And considering that I am throwing an Olympic-Ceremony-Partaay on Friday, the happy clappy feeling seems to be here to stay.

I never thought that the elderly lady holding this, when I asked to take a picture of her with it, would hand it over to me. I am sure this has been done up and down the UK -  but I felt proper honoured. But there were witnesses, so I could not nab it. Sigh.

I have to admit that I love the symbolism behind the flame. I watched the ceremony in Greece, streaming live and unable to understand a word, but being a lover of mythology and the Grecian Gods in particular, I could not help but feel a little yip! of happiness.

As it travelled round Greece and finally landed on UK soil and headed around the country, I patiently waited.

And waited.

But, do you know what? The actual flame went by in the blink of an eye. A mere snap and it had gone past me and I was swept up into the throng of people coming down the street. 

This put me in pretty good stead to see the "kiss" between one relay runner to the other.

I then, literally, skipped back to the car. I may have also clapped.

Roll on Friday and 8.12 of the pm.

20.12 to you and me.


  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing the torch go past my work tomorrow. Despite all the hoo-ha and negativity, I am looking forward to the Olympics, and only wish that I had tickets to the opening ceremony!

  2. Oh, holding the 1948 torch really is pretty special! I'm not feeling the Olympics though so far...

  3. That's really cool about the old torch!
    And very clever about the time!
    I am actually planning on watching the ceremonies- since it is the first time it has been in my homeland since forever! Shame I am not there to see it!

  4. I'm excited about the olympics now as well and I really didn't think I would be. My boyfriends nan lives in a flat in Bow which has a great view of the stadium so we're all going there on Friday to watch the fireworks!

  5. Excellent. I like the Forties torch lots....I would though, wouldn't I? What with the sunshine an ' all I'm feeling very cheery and favourable towards the '

  6. It's really exciting seeing the torch.... it was way back in May in passed through Exeter! But you're right....blink & you miss it!! x

  7. I would have been skipping, clapping and simultaneously twirling in happiness induced circles, too! What a fantastically awesome experience, you lucky lass, you!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Oh how cool you got to hold an old one! We're very excited here (despite transport chaos, Korean flag farce, heavy handed trademark protection etc), I dragged the boys up to Crystal Palace to see the torch go past and we were right at the front for it, and we have tickets for the basketball soon. Boy1 has been waiting for this for over half his life - he was 3 when the last Olympics were on TV and was FASCINATED - he was in the midst of an obsession with flags and it really captured his imagination. So we promised him years ago we would take him, thank goodness we managed to get tickets!

  9. Oh you lucky thing!

    One of my mates' mums lives along our torch relay route, with a patch of green outside the front door. We set up camp there to watch it (with Pimms) and it was great fun, the torch goes past in a flash but the build up is so exciting.

  10. How fab to hold the Forties version! I'm excited about the opening ceremony and ancient as it makes me sound, an ex-boyfriend's daughter is in the cycling team so I'm going to be cheering her along! x

  11. Oh how amazing to hold a 1948 torch! I prefer the design to the current one.


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