Saturday, 28 July 2012

My Hair Curling Arsenal ~ 2) Rags

Alrighty then. Ready for another dose of the Hair Curling Arsenal? Once again, as with Pecco Rollers -  I am starting with clean hair -  although I regularly use Rags with 2 or 3 day hair and they work just as well.

My rags are made from one of  The Beards old t-shirts. Old clean t-shirt I hasten to add! I also use only mousse when I am using this method. I have found, to my detriment, that for me using setting lotion or water just does not dry overnight. 

Mousse never lets me down and I find that it can be fairly weather resistant once the curls are styled. Any brand will do. Bristows is an old make and comes at old prices (£1) but can be tricky to find. Pound shops are you best bet for any old mousse as opposed to expensive ones.

So -  I take a bit of hair -  usually a bit more than an inch. I tend to set my rags in a hap-hazzard way for some reason.

A dollop of mousse -  enough to wet the hair.


Slather it on and work it through.

Now. There are many methods of ragging your hair. This is just how I do it. There are plenty of tutorials out there on You Tube -  but I just kind of made this up as I went along and it works for me.

I tend to loop the hair around the rag and my thumb. I start this about 1/2 an inch up from the end and wrap the free ends of the hair around. 

I then hold it in place and start rolling up.

I keep a tight hold of the material in each hand. This keeps it out of the way whilst your fingers work, and although it becomes twisted as you roll, it soon sorts itself out.

So -  the tying off. I tend to use my index finger to assist in this task -  which can be a little tricky and hair pully. 

Placing my finger between the knot and my locks saves me wincing if any hair becomes caught.

I keep it in place until the knot is basically tied and then I pull it out.

Taaaaa-daaaaaa! Uneous rag roll doneus!

Now -  you will be left with  pesky end bits of rag. You can cut them shorter when you make them, but I have found them harder to work with the less material there is.

So I usually grab both ends and secure out of the way with a bobby pin.

I then move on to the rest of my barnet. Like I said, pretty haphazard. 

Pinning up the trails as I go.

Until my whole head is done!

As with any curling tool I use, the back can be a bit of an infuriating struggle -  but I usually get there. 

In the end. 

Whilst swearing.

And then I whip it up in a headscarf. I was actually heading out and about, so I chose a fancy silken covering and hair flower.

So -  the results....

I take out all the bobby pins that have been holding the ends in place...

And I usually find myself with pretty tight curls...

This all of them done.  I have left them like this in the past &  just pinned them into a more 30's looking do, but for this time round, I begin to brush out...

And I often have to remind myself to keep on going. Because, brushing out might take time, but I have learnt that it does work, despite any previous misgivings I may have had about it.

This is me doing one bit...

I put a little bit of serum on my hands. I have recently switched to serum as I find it less heavy than pomade or wax...

I take the section...

And I brush it around my hand. Again -  these are just stills. If you are a moving picture kind of person then head on over to Lisa Freemont Street and her fab brushing out tutorial.   

What I am left with all over is something that looks like this. It is a bit frizzy using this method - but I find that my hair keeps some sort of wave/shape for up to 3 days.

This is me 2 days after setting. I have slept on it and just given it a quick brush.. and obviously put a big fat roll in the front *wink*

So, for me... 

Ease of Use:  7/10
Comfort when Sleeping: 7/10
Longevity of Curl: 8/10

I am pleased that you lovely folks are enjoying this series. I have had some lovely comments & emails so far. Thank you!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Olympic Torch-tastic

So, ermm, yeah. I am excited about the Olympics. I didn't think I would be. Lord knows it has been one media storm of embarrassment after the other in recent weeks, which has made me roll my eyes, shake my head and swear.

But, I forgot all my doubts when I actually saw the relay.

Because, that was one well oiled machine. And it bestowed upon me the unexpected thrill of holding an original torch from 1948.

Hell yeah.

Maybe it was because the sun had (FINALLY!) come out for more than a nanosecond, or it was all the children who, having broken up for the summer, were high-fiving police officers along the route, or the people who had set up a table & chairs + Pimms outside their garden gate - but  I felt like all my wasted & washed out Jubilee jollity came to the fore.

And considering that I am throwing an Olympic-Ceremony-Partaay on Friday, the happy clappy feeling seems to be here to stay.

I never thought that the elderly lady holding this, when I asked to take a picture of her with it, would hand it over to me. I am sure this has been done up and down the UK -  but I felt proper honoured. But there were witnesses, so I could not nab it. Sigh.

I have to admit that I love the symbolism behind the flame. I watched the ceremony in Greece, streaming live and unable to understand a word, but being a lover of mythology and the Grecian Gods in particular, I could not help but feel a little yip! of happiness.

As it travelled round Greece and finally landed on UK soil and headed around the country, I patiently waited.

And waited.

But, do you know what? The actual flame went by in the blink of an eye. A mere snap and it had gone past me and I was swept up into the throng of people coming down the street. 

This put me in pretty good stead to see the "kiss" between one relay runner to the other.

I then, literally, skipped back to the car. I may have also clapped.

Roll on Friday and 8.12 of the pm.

20.12 to you and me.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

My Hair Curling Arsenal ~ 1) Pecco Rollers

Ok -  so -  here we go with the first installment of my Hair Curling Arsenal Series.

Pecco Rollers came to me by chance. I literally dumped "hair curlers" into a eBay search and whilst trawling, they popped up. There are a lot of fairly obscure curling implements out there, but these grabbed my attention as they resembled a vintage set I had found on Etsy from seller Myra Melinda.

1950s vintage Spoolie hair curlers

Regretfully, the rubber on these "Spoolie Hair Curlers"  had deteriorated and they fell apart on first use. I was duly refunded by this lovely seller and thought no more about it. Just another experiment to forget about.

Until the said random search on line.

The ones I stumbled upon are called "Pecco Rollers". The aim of these is to create kind of pin curls and I think that they are a great product for beginners to use. 

The idea is to wrap the hair around, roll up and then push the trumpety end down to encompass the hair.

They are made from soft, durable silicone and are usually sold in a pack of 10 -  5 small and 5 large for around 99p for a set. 

They also usually ship from Hong Kong for a minimal amount, if not free. I have only ever bought them from here or here on eBay. I have seen sets for around a fiver with free posting -  but you can get them for cheaper.

I tend to open them all up, ready to grab once I have dampened my hair.

I love these as they are washable. I tend to use either setting lotion or mousse to set my hair, and a sticky residue can build up over time. I have soaked these in scorchio water with a little washing up liquid with no adverse affects.

So. I section off my hair. Elastic bands work best for me as opposed to sectioning clips -  2 at the side and one at the back. I use the smaller Pecco rollers on these bits as they are at the front of my head.

I take a section, I guess about 3/4 of an inch if I am being technical, spritz with setting lotion or run a squidge of mousse through it. This is always on dry hair, it's just what works best for me when curling my hair with any of the Arsenal.

I roll it up as far as it shall go. I have yet to get these anywhere near the precision of the original advert seen above. They just don't play ball. So, there is always a bit of slack.

I then encourage the trumpet bit over the hair and voilĂ ! 

 If you use too much hair, I find it difficult to get the silicone to adhere to it's design and actually hold any thing in place. If I am not thinking about it as I put them in -  it can lead to unrolling, cursing, separating, cursing and re-rolling.

I work the top section...

Then the other side...

Followed by one of the sectioned off bits...

And the back bits..

Finally the very back, which is always a buggar for me to do. I have tried to work with 2 mirrors so I can see what is happening back there -  but I am confused by the mirrored world and become quickly frustrated with my own idiocy. 

So I just feel my way nowadays. The results range from WOW! to meh on a regular basis.

Up in a headscarf and off to sleeps. I find these really quite comfortable to sleep on as they are fairly close to the head and they are wrapped up in a snuggly headscarf. I also have a feathery squishy pillow now, as oppossed to a hard one of my youth -  and I think this also helps when it comes to sleeping in any kind of curler over night.

So -  the result...

Something I like about these rollers is that they also have small holes in them, so that if you use heat, it should penetrate to the core of the roll.

The curl they produce is fairly soft.

They do not take much brushing out...

And for some reason I always like the curls on the right hand side of my head. I like the way they tuck behind my ears without a pin.

Multi coloured locks. Nice. 

And despite the hash I make of the back of my barnet (this will become more apparent as the series progresses) -  I think it looks not half bad..

I usually give a bit of lift to the front with some hairspray, as well as spraying the whole style.

My hair does drop, which is frustrating, but unavoidable for me. But, Pecco rollers do keep their shape, even after a brisk walk into town in what appeared to be a gale. I heart Summer.

I would say that these rollers take about 15 mins to put in - maybe less if you are more practised. I give them:

Ease of Use:  7/10
Comfort when Sleeping: 7/10
Longevity of Curl: 5/10


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