Thursday, 7 June 2012

Trials and Jubilation!

So. If anyone reading this follows me on Instagram (landgirl1980) -  you may have noticed sneek peeks of my newest home made dress. 

I made this special, for the Diamond Jubilee, like. 

As you do. Well -  as I do.

It made it to the same pattern as my other attempt, but for some reason, second time round was a whole lot harder. I f*cked it up Royally (pun intended), I shall not lie to you. 

And I won't bore you with the photos I took of my anger and dismay.

It was caused by the weave of the broderie anglaise fabric I had chosen and the fact I needed it to be vertical. This meant that the skirt parts I needed to cut on a fold could not be done. So I made it up as I went along.

I also needed to line it -  which meant a whole lot more cutting, pinning and sewing. The machine ground to a halt on more than one occasion. 

Enter swearing.

Then I ran out of fabric. 

Tears and snot ensued. And a lot of more, colourful, swearing.

Sh*t the BED! Is that what it looks like from the back? Gahhh!  This is after a windy day near the sea. Still, I should of brushed it for you..

In short, I began to hate this dress. And in turn, any thought of getting into Jubilee spirit. 

It could well and truly poke off. Shove your flotilla up your....

But then, it all started to come together. I ditched the machine and did the last bits by hand.

I had wanted the whole dress to be blue, but, due to my lack of material, I had to think on my feet (or in actual fact, a sobbing heap on the floor, flicking ash from my smoke into a cold cup of tea) and went with....

This after being in the car for a bit. I should have pulled my belt down.

Two white panels!! I wish I had thought about it before, as I think I would have liked alternating all the way round, but, I shall know for next time. 

I had bought Union flag ribbon to go round the neck, but I decided against it at the last minute. I want to be able to wear this dress minus the red accessories at some point, and the ribbon would have looked all wrong in that instance.

And, to top off my joy of not abandoning this dress, I found this antique George V & Queen Mary coronation pin at Victorious Vintage in Portsmouth on the Saturday. 

I mentioned my love of the Royal memorabilia last week so I was thrilled. 
I think I did a little dance. I may have clapped.

All in all, I must have fallen in love with this creation at some point, because I wore it out the house. 
And plan to wear it again.

Hope your's was a goodun!
(don't mention the rain on the Sunday. It still makes me sad)


  1. It looks ace, and personally I'm just impressed you can sew anything! I can't!

  2. Oh me, oh my! What a glorious dress!
    And huzzah for combating the fabric-of-much-pain to make such a masterful masterpiece! I am thoroughly enjoying the white panels too. Genius!

    Oh and I am swooning over that commemorative brooch!

  3. Lovely job, the white panels look great, had you not said anything about running out of fabric, I would've thought it was intentional :)

  4. Nothing worth sewing is sewn without swearing! And this is so worth it - you're really good at this now - brilliant! If I made a dress I imagine it would involve cutting neck and arm holes in a duvet cover and adding a belt ;-)

    The brooch is just the perfect finishing touch.

    1. Ha ha ha!! I did consider that option at one point ;)

  5. Gorgeous dress! It gives me hope in the creating of my first dress...

  6. Aw, man, it came out wonderfully--the panels are such a good call! I am impressed with the number of new things (finicky fabric, lining, pattern altering--for the not-on-the-fold bits) you tried AND SUCEEDED! Lovely, and happy Jubilee!

  7. I know that feeling of being reduced to a heap and using gamekeeper language combined with biting lumps out of the table edge!
    Well done, though and the white panels have worked well. It will become easier as you continue. Cute bag, too.
    I must get my ass into gear for myself, children's clothes are so much easier as they require no fitting!

  8. It looks bloody lovely and as far as I'm concerned,, swearing and sewing go togther like salt n'vinegar. You look fab and I'm glad to see you nabbed that pin at Portsmouth. How was it in the end...I've heard it 'twas lacking on the punters in vintage side, but good all the same.

    1. Yes - it was somewhat lacking. Not that that stopped me from parting with cash. The atmosphere was good though - like a big street party! Shame you couldn't make it :(

  9. I love your Jubilee frock!
    Your out done yourself again amor!
    So many beautiful details.
    I'm loving your hair rolls, yes,swearing always helps.:)
    Aye, wonderful commemorative brooch.

  10. Ah ha, so you did buy something after all! The whole ensemble is looking good.
    Lisa x

  11. Wow! I absolutely love that frock and those white panels are the icing on the cake. You are a clever thing! x

  12. It's lovely, well done you. I didn't realise how many rude words I knew until I started sewing again, top tip, if you want to make a 50's petticoat, just cut out the hastle and buy one!!! Lol. X

  13. Love the dress. Love the colourful swearing too.

  14. You are just so determined woman! It's inspirational!!! I love it that you had to, and could adapt to the lack of material! Just wish I was clever/interested/persistent enough to attempt to sew my own clothes, I would love it!
    Here's to determination which very definitely paid off! xXx

  15. What a festive, lovely new summertime dress (great job on it!). I'm giddy with Jubilee spirit over here on this side of the pond, too, and love how you've been (fashionably) celebrating recently, dear gal.

    Wishing you a fabulous Friday & weekend ahead,
    ♥ Jessica

  16. I think its fantastic, I may have to try make my own because Im a machinist but never really made anything for myself and its so hard to find vintage clothes that fit me, Im in that inbetween state where I had my little boy last year but not got rid of the baby fat yet hehehe xx

  17. It is a total triumph!!! To have worked with such a tricky fabric and then lining the darn thing is super impressive!!

    My Jubilee outfit was going to be a very patriotic 40's red suit, but it was a case of ambition over ability and it is currently sitting screwed up in a Tesco bag where I chucked it, tantrum style after much swearing, so I totally admire your perseverance in finishing yours as mine probably wont get looked at again until the next jubilee:)

  18. LOVE it! OMG, only your second dress and you're lining and adding in extra panels...wowza! It looks so great and I think the panels are a perfect touch! And I love the eyelet fabric. What a jubilant (har har) dress for the occasion!

  19. I love it! Well done you for thinking on your feet. I have to agree with some of the others, sewing swearing and crying go together perfectly I don't think I've ever sewed anything that was easy, really it's always traumatic, but usually well worth it, and it certainly is in this case, fabulous!

  20. The end result is lovely though! It's a lovely fabric.

  21. This is very cute indeed. Well done you! X

  22. I think you've done bloody marvellously! Looks fab on you, love it! x

  23. Well recovered dear friend! I've lost count the number of times I've hurled a project across the room and burst into floods of tears. It is amazing how every ounce of good-woman-ness is lost in the colourful sailor language of sewing anger


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