Thursday, 14 June 2012

*Splend Sponsor Spotlight * - Lotty Blue

Today's post comes to you from the gracious and lovely people over at Lotty Blue.

I was recently alerted to this company and after a conversation with the wondrous owner, Lisa, we came to an agreement.

We discussed sponsorship, and the result was this delightful apron for review and an advertising on my little bit of web space. 

A fair swop, I feel.

I am thrilled to be able to support a business that sell's items I would actually use. As per the below...

I was offered my choice of aprons and much deliberation ensued. 
Did I choose the May or the Lola?

I decided upon the May. I like me green and pink. But, I have just spotted the Agatha. Now I want that one too. Sigh. One can never have too many aprons. Can they?


Not when they come with an abundance of prettiness and usefulness...

What be that I have there? Could it be...

A pocket!! And a deep pocket at that. When I am cleaning, I like to have everything I need on me. The pocket on this garment is big enough to fit a can of polish, duster and my iPod. 


I love the shape of the apron, which I think is very flattering. My only bug bear would be for a little more material up top, as it didn't quite cover my boobage. Luckily, I am prone to wiping my hands, when cooking or washing up, on the tops of my legs.

And the feature that I adore most about the apron is that it goes right round my side, nearly to my hip. Protecting my frockery.

The May is incredibly well made, and I wager the others in the collection are too. And each apron comes with a little monogram of the company name -  a touch I really like. I love the feel of the durable, but comfy cotton.

I washed this at a pretty hefty temperature, after deciding to splash myself with bolognese sauce. For this review. Natch.

The price on some of the aprons may seem a little high for, well, something you wear to do the housework, gardening or cooking in - but -  with that cost ( The May is £37 + p&p) you get utmost quality. And they are made here, in the UK, to a staggering standard.

The below are some of my faves (the Agatha is winking at me) -  ranging from under £20, to just over. 

Is it possible to just wear aprons all the time?

To see the full selection, hop on over to here.

You can follow these lovelies on Twitter @lottyblue and also have a peek at their FaceBook Page.

Welcome to a spiffing new sponsor!


  1. Oh blimey- never have I seen such glorious aprons! I must say that I want, well, all of them! Better start saving my pennies, eh?


  2. Damnit, another pretty thing to add to the want list, I swear you're trying to bankrupt me Charly!

    I do love your cleaning look though, the apron looks fab on you xxx

  3. These are very pretty. I'd be afraid to get them dirty. I use aprons for everything from cleaning to crafting. Having pockets really is useful.

  4. Excellent! I do like the Agatha. I'd wear it out and about never mind for m'dusting.

  5. Yay! The return of the Apron. Is anyone else old enough to remember the 'Woman in a Tabard' scenes from Channel 4's Big Breakfast?! No, oh well.....

  6. I am the ultimate domestic slattern, I fear, but the colours and patterns are sweet. I wouldn't mind a dress from the Agatha pattern. I know how horribly expensive the price of fabric is nowadays, too. Made me shelve many a project due to lack of funds.

  7. Ooh, those are adorable! I love aprons but sadly always make do with the same one (though it's quite cute in its own right, vintage pinafore kind of style and YES one big pocket). These are tempting me for sure!

  8. super cute! This is going on my wishlist! Love the fact it wraps right round to the sides, I have a cath kidson one I was given for Christmas and it is rather narrow! No good when baking muffins!


  9. Never can have too many aprons. I've scoured the thrift stores for full aprons and keep winding up with half aprons.

    Now, do they ship to Canada... Off to lurk

  10. You look gorgeous in that Pinny, am tempted for sure :-) x

  11. Hovw lovely! My mum's name was May! Never saw her in an apron at home though. She was a school cook for years - the whites probably put her off! I have an apron though but it's not as nice as 'May'. It's plastic coated and was given to me when I moved into my house 24 years ago. It's probably the only thing I still have left as a 'housewarming gift'. It's very functional though and I use it for all kinds of tasks - even when cutting my husband's hair as it stops the hair sticking to my clothes - yuk!

  12. Gorgeous aprons- such great shapes, and practical too! I share your same boobage problems too! xxx

  13. One can definitely never have too many aprons, especially when they're as thoroughly beautiful and vintage appropriate as these charming floral numbers.

    ♥ Jessica


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