Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Royal Collection

I love the Royals. I adore Royal history. I am a Royalist. 

There. I have said it. It's out there. 

I make no apologies, will enter into no discussion about it and am proud to be so. 

Some people are proper anti and would release the Guillotine themselves (hi, Granddad).  Some are not fussed either way. Hurrah for difference of opinion.

How yawnsome for everyone to be the same.

I like to collect Royal memorbilia. Not just things to do with the current Monarch.

 Here are some of my bits (not those bits. Norty)

I have been nabbing these coronation cups for a few years now. Two of them are now antiques.

Antiques that came to me through the wonder of carboots for no more that a couple of quid. 


The piece I have special affection for is the George VI. Things commemorating the coronation of his brother, Edward VIII, are fairly easy to find. As he was meant to be King, lot's of things were made and sold.

But, as he abdicated in December 1936, souvenirs of the man who took his place can be a little harder to find.

The only one I am missing from the line up is Queen Victoria & Edward VII. 
The search continues.

I am interested by the things that were made for my ancestors to purchase and remember the national events in the lives of the Royal Family.

Like this Silver Jubilee wooden plaque for George V.  It also spooks me how much The Queen looks like her Grandmother.

I also have glass plates and a fruit bowl for George VI. And a tea plate for Edward VIII.

And, being a fan of The Queen, I do have a picture of her on display in my home. Not a regal one in a frame, but a casual looking photo of her as a young woman. 

Which I adore and picked up for 10p.

So. God bless ya Ma'am
 (as in ham, not Marm like palm)


  1. I have my coronation beer glass and my 77 Jubilee mug. Huzzah!

    We too are a family with different takes on the Royals- my dear departed Aunty-nan had icons of Lady Di and the queen mum everywhere. My favourite was a gold framed Di's doe-eyes watching over the phone and matching coin-box (remember them?). My other grandma (who fought for King and Country) saw most of them as feckless toffs, but liked Princess Zara becuase she was 'ard and 'knows her own mind'. And my 'Murray mint' gran loved our dear Queen quietly, but would not allow anything tacky in her perfect-60s-uk-ranch-house scheme.

  2. A stunning collection, some very lucky finds! My Grandad found his own commemorative cup that he was given at school for King George V, i noticed it had been glued together at the bottom and he just casually mentioned that "It fell off the mantlepeice during the Blitz" - It's even more of a treasure to me now! He also has a Queen Victoria one from his mums collection, i will have to put a picture up myself i think! Isn't this weekend fantastic?? Everyones so jolly!
    Have a brilliant Jubilee!

  3. I like the mug you have of the Queen's coronation, you are right she does look like her grandmother!
    It was lovely bumping into you yesterday, hope you didn't mind me saying hi.
    Hope you both enjoyed the day.
    Lisa x

    1. Awesome to meet you too! Hope you enjoyed your day :)

  4. What a lovely collection. It's important to have visuals of the past aswell as verbal memories. I love it that you can literally imagine all the different people who drank their tea out of each of your mugs. Who they were, what they wore, what they thought about their own lives and times..... Am not a real Royalist but appreciate your collection nonetheless!! xXx

  5. A lovely collection, I have a little collection myself, all car boot finds! I am a great fan of the Royal family but stand alone in that opinion in my household! Rather have a monarch than a president that's for sure! Hope you are enjoying the Jubilee celebrations.

  6. I am a Royalist too, and being in Canada, we are far a few between. Although the Prince and his lovely bride Catherine have created a few more of us :) That is a lovely collection!

  7. What a wonderful collection! I have a souvenir program from the coronation of George VI--a real treasure, since I found it in a secondhand bookshop here in the US.

  8. Another royalist here- actually I think there are a lot of them here in the USA- most (unlike me) aren't even English LOL
    Love your collection!

  9. What a terrifically lovely collection of royal memorabilia. Here in Canada we aren't usually as imbued with the royals on a daily basis as much as in the UK, but they are certainly a part of our world, too (not the least of which is because HRH Queen Elizabeth is on much of our currency), and I've always had a soft spot for Windsor clan, too.

    Wishing you a gorgeous Monday & week ahead,
    ♥ Jessica

  10. Sweet collection! I used to have a set of old pennies, one for each monarch from Victoria to Elizabeth. Don't know what became of it, maybe it's still somewhere in the attic.

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  11. Lovely things...I have a few mugs too but not as nice as yours. I like the Edward VIII one. I can't say I'm a tremendous Royalist but I do have a soft spot for vintage Elizabeth memorabillia. Hope you've had a lovely weekend.

  12. What a collection! thanks for sharing!

  13. What a lovely collection, I too collect the mugs :) x

  14. Wow, I adore your collection! I love the mugs the best. I was sad I didn't get to watch any of the jubilee festivities here. I woke up at 5am to watch William and Kate's wedding, and stayed up until around 4am or whenever it was exactly (it being college days when I could do such a thing)to watch Diana's funeral.

    "Yawnsome" is a fantastic word, I hope that spreads! ;)

  15. Ha, I knew marmite got it wrong with their jubilee 'Ma'mite'! I shall keep it anyway though, so my grandchildren can have it on some future shabby chic dresser. I'm also planning on trawling the shops for cut price jubilee souvenirs (and if they contain biscuits, all the better!)

    Your coronation mug collection is great x

  16. I, too, am a Canadakid (I spotted a couple of us earlier in the comments!) and, especially being from French Canada one is more likely to hear harangues and political shouting than celebration on Victoria Day, etc...and I'm now working in Boston, the original anti-British-royals' city! So it's been nice to hear the English blogworld shouting out about the Jubilee, I get such a diet of the opposite! Your collection is lovely. I love the George VI mug...I'd never really thought about how that whole abdication-and-replacement ish would affect things like souvenir sales. Thanks for the food-fer-thought!

  17. I love all your souvenirs! I wonder when the traditional for royal souvenirs began?

  18. Great collection. I manged to find a Queen Mother mug the other month. So had to add it to mine.

    I'm always amazed at the venom in some peoples blogs about the monarchy. Just ignore the Royals if the bother you that much is my logic.

    However, I'm sorry, she'll always be Elizabeth I to me and mine. I don't recall Scotland having an Elizabeth before her.

  19. EEEEEEEEK!!! Me too!
    I would love to hang out and dribble over your Queenly bits with you!!!
    (Not those bits! Norty yourself!)

  20. Lovely collection - and what a pretty photograph of the Queen, in that last picture!

  21. What a lovely collection! I adore old royal memorabilia- so incredibly beautiful in imagery and colour!

    I didn't realise actually quite how many bits 'n bobs I had unti8l I sety about putting them together for a post. Seems I have accumulated quite a few. I too can thank the carboots for that...and my parents!


  22. Well. I'm not bothered really. But I do have a cup and saucer from the coronation and a china beaker from Edward VIII's non coronation. It has to be done. Lovely collection. The blog is looking lovely too. x


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