Monday, 25 June 2012

An Outfit for a Cloudy Summer's Day

The sun has goneth from the my southerly UK location. 
Only behind some cloud, granted, but I can no longer feel it on my face. 
Boo hiss.

After basking in fairly high temps and slapping on factor 1 million suncream a few weeks back, we are back to coolness and rain, rain, rain, or at least the malingering threat of rain. Ho hum.

But, I am not giving up on Summer. I refuse.

I snaffled this delightful cotton blouse at a local jumble. I danced the Jumble Boogie with aplomb, grabbing anything I remotely liked the look of and, laden, retreating to a corner to sort through it. 

It set me back 40 of your finest pence.

I teamed it with this corker from Acorn & Will which costs a bargainous £3.50 plus postage. I love the soft green colour and it resembles a Bakelite brooch I have seen around the webular. But for a tenth of the cost.

See how I smile at such barganiousness! (*i made this word up)

It has not been cold enough for tights or brogues, but I still wanted some warmth. 
Enter a brown wool skirt and white sandals.

And, what be that in my there hand? Why, could it be a new hand bag? That cost me £1 from an elderly couple at a car-boot? Who told me they have had it since they married in the late 40's?

Why yes. Yes it is.

I spy a Woo in the picture!

It smells of old leather and slightly of shed. Which I happen to love. I adore the fact it has a metal zip, it is big enough for all my needs - including a rather hefty book - and the handle is worn, but sturdy.

Gawd bless them elders!



  1. Well done! It does give rather a good kick to find such things. I found an old M & S frock in the charity shop a while back that I was sooo pleased with, that feeling of good hunting. Even better when there's a little story attached.

  2. Awww, what a great history to that purse! You know it's seen so many happy times. Love the outfit and the brooch is perfect with it (I wore my butterfly one yesterday!). A great barganiousness outfit indeed!

  3. I too love a metal zip! Nice that you have a story to go with the bag too.

  4. Looking lovely as always! I truely do not know where I am with this weather at the moment, too hot, too cold, bah.

  5. What a grand outfit- tis right up my street- in fact, that’s the sort of thing I wear every day too! Looks fresh as a daisy, smart and vintagey! I love your brooch and not forgetting that darling of a bag too! Fingers crossed I should be getting a bag with history soon as well- got to love an old bag with history I say!!!

  6. The sun has vanished so badly from our neck of the woods here in British Columbia, too, that I'm more than a little tempted to send out a search party to look for it! :)

    Love that your brightened your world with such a charming, completely pretty outfit to help combat the dull weather. You look wonderful, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I love that broock sooooo much.

  8. Fab outfit hon. But I have to correct you sweetie, as you did not infact invet the word bargainousness!!!! Am off to check out Acorn & Will. (Bet that bag is large enough for your latest fab book that you're reviewing too!) xXx

  9. invent even (Lou, it's catching!)

  10. Oooooooh, get you and your bargains! That bag is particularly gorge....I like that you know it's story! xxx (now come back sun!)

  11. Great outfit & that bag is lovely :) x

  12. Oh you bargain CHAMPION! I take my hat off to you. Then I put my hat back on because my head is getting wet off the rain...

  13. God bless the hoarders! I too found myself in a wool outfit with summer sandals this last week - weird but it worked!

  14. Gawd bless 'em indeed! Total bargain and marvelous with your

  15. In love with that broach and blouse combo! Agreed, it's got cold again and I keep forgetting it's actually June, no one has even got their summer clothes out yet! Bring on some more summery times soon please


  16. Lookin fab girl! x

  17. Love that blouse and brooch!


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