Thursday, 21 June 2012


Does anyone else name their plants? A rose bush in the garden maybe? Or a potted mint on the balcony? No? The money plant on the book shelf surely? No? Your poor plants. How do they know who they are?

It could just be me though. I have never met anyone else with a spider-plant called Shakes(peare)

Or a Geranium named Gerty...

She even has a name plaque, which on the reverse tells her she is actually called Chives, but to me and The Beard, reminds us of this beauty's name.

She has lots of new heads which are bursting into life. Handy for the Summer Solstice. Then again, I am surprised she has been able to lift her head up at all recently. 

Sun, where art thou?

I heart Geraniums. I truly do. I adore the fact that they look like little rosebuds before they open up.

And you get so many blooms from these beauts.

I do have some more on the balcony, but as geraniums do well indoors & out, Gerty asked to stay put as she was feeling poorly crook. She has now become part of the kitchen. 

She is coming along a treat.

So, not many of you out there name your plants, eh? 

Hmmm.. maybe it comes from seeing Little Shop of Horrors at an early age.

*wanders off to the web to view all the songs I love from the movie*

*starts singing. badly and loudly*


  1. I had a bonsai tree called Joshua, but I think that was from growing up with a mother who had a fern called Robert (Robert Plant, geddit?)

  2. Awww, that is so wonderfully cute, sweet, and totally fun. I haven't yet had the opportunity to grow (or tend) too many plants in my life, but I could definitely see myself naming the members of my garden, if I had one. I love naming things and have bestowed monikers on everything from beloved feather pillow to mail boxes over the years. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I too name plants- because my Mum did too LOL
    We had Pedro, Roger... I forget the others now :) I think we once had a Robert too ;) I now have a Pedro in honour of the original... and an Aloe that I think of as 'Vera' lol (In my mind, I say 'allo Vera with a London accent. It sounds kind of like my Nan talking to my great aunt...)

  4. I have a venus flytrap named Vernon. I used to work in a college library, and when we moved to a new building I was asked to replant all the huge yuccas and rubber plants we had dotted around in nice new planters. I put name stickers on all of them, and would giggle when I saw students looking at them oddly. Every now and again a student would wander up to the counter and ask about them, but we just pretended we had no idea what they were talking about. One, brilliant, student never referred to them but would nod at the one nearest the door every time he came in and go, "alright, Ted."

  5. We don't have any plants in our house yet but I do plan on having a few beautiful blooms in the living room once we have finished renovating. I'll take a tip from your book and give them names, maybe it will make them grow better as they'll feel loved and accepted as a member of the family haha! xxx

  6. I once had a plant called Keanu when I was a teenager. I think that was a geranium come to think of it! Kim xx

  7. Yep, there was a plant in the kitchen of my flat in my first year of university - given as a birthday present to one of my flatmates in early October with a life of 21 days. We affectionately called it Nigel. Turns out Nigel, by July of the next year, had taken up half our window sill (despite practically never being watered)!

  8. I, too, am a geranium lover, the porch is full of them. I've just bought some new ones from Vernon's, they have lovely ones, some like apple blossom/rosebuds which are on my list. I can't say I've ever named them but I do tend to mutter to them, I think that comes from having my having trained in Reiki and it's automatic when I plant them or water them etc.

  9. I love the scent of geraniums!
    I don't speak to my plant but I frequently tell the cat how impressed he is by them.

  10. Love a good geranium!! Looks like you are a bit green fingered, misses! and look at all the lovely flowers! Maybe I should hire you to sort out my garden....hehe


  11. I love geraniums too, so cheery. I used to have a spider plant called Percy xx

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  12. I love geraniums, too. They're about the only plant I can keep alive. The smell is just gorgeous and I love Boots No 7 Gay Geranium lipstick, too. x

  13. Hehe Gerty is soo purty! I must conffes to having a cactus called Collin and a Mini Christmas Tree called Fiona Spruce :)

  14. Finally, others who name their plants! My mum looked at me like I'd lost the plot when I gave her a list of the plants and their names that needed watering whilst we were on hols, but it seems I am not alone.:-) We have two African Violets; Venetia is the baby of Veronica, Charlotte is our spider plant (who is expecting 3 babies), Hello (Aloe) Vera who is in desperate need of a re-pot (in fact I feel she may be big enough to create some off spring) and two Venus flytraps named Audrey 1 and Audrey 2 - I know not very original but I do love the film. Somewhat sadistically my hubby and I now try to catch any flies to feed to them! Loving Gerty's pot! x

  15. We (the kids and I) tend to name plants too. The husband thinks it is a very odd practice, lol. I wanted to mention how much I admire the dishes drying in your dish rack :) I love the hodge-podge of different plates, very vintage :)

  16. I don't have any plants to name (something which I must remedy!) but I do give names to lots of other things, a lot of my friends don't understand why I do this but it's something my family have always done!

  17. We only have one indoor plant, a giant cactus otherwise known as The Beast. xx

  18. Gerty is pretty! My geraniums are doing so-so in a container on a deck railing.

    The only plant I've named is a strange and huge vine that the previous homeowner planted, something called a passion vine, with alien-like flowers and the ability to grow tons overnight. You will appreciate, then, that we named her Audrey!


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