Saturday, 5 May 2012

WW2 Eggless Sponge

Do you like historical cookery? Are you allergic to eggs? Are you fresh out of them? 

Do you fail, like me, to crack an egg into anything without the addition of shell?

Or do you just like cake full stop?

If so - then read on....

I have graced the blog before with my WW2 cookingness -  and my Carrot Scones are now a firm staple at Land Girl Heights. Just like those, this recipe comes from my beloved Victory Cookbook by Marguerite Patten.

I tend to double this recipe and bake it in a big springform tin. It it quite a claggy cake, and can be a little crumbly due to the lack of binding egg. But it sure is good!

Here is the method....

Cream together the butter & sugar...

Avoid licking the spoon. I fail at this...

Add in the Golden Syrup and mix in...

Add in some of the milk...

And some of the sifted flour & baking powder mixture. 
You can also use plain flour with 5 teaspoons of powder.

Fold into the butter-syrup mix. You are aiming to get air into the mix, so fold and fold again...

It should look something like this once it is done...

Grease and line the bottom of your tin. You can split the mix between 2 smaller pans to make a sandwich sponge, or you can put it in a loaf tin.

Pour in the mixture and spread it out evenly..

Shove spoon in mouth. Polish off remaining mixture in the bowl. Feel a bit sick. 
This step is optional.

Bake in oven for about 35 -40 mins, at about 180°C / 350°F / GM4 

Leave to cool, turn out, have a cheeky slice....

Or slab.

This cake reminds me of the sort of thing served at school. Usually with lashings of custard, that hinted at being chocolate flavoured.

It keeps for up to a week (not that it ever lasts that long at mine) and can be frozen. It also works well as fairy cakes and with flavouring or colour added. If you wanted to make a chocolate sponge, then you could substitute some of the flour for drinking chocolate.


*Adapted from The Victory Cookbook


  1. Ooh, I got to try this it sounds yummy! Egg tip, crack the eggs into a small bowl and let them sit for a few minutes then carefully pour them into the mixture. Any bits of shell should stay in the bottom of the bowl and not go in the cake! (should!) X

  2. I've got that set of books but haven't tried anything from them yet. I love old cookery and household books, fascinating stuff, the medieval ones can be particularly gruesome!

    Keep and eye out for The Modern Housewife's Book if you can track down a copy, I think it's from the early 30's going by the pictures in it. Packed with old recipes and such like, a really interesting peer into the past.

  3. In fact, there is a copy on ebay right now, I'm so good at tempting other people to spend their money! Mine came with a couple of booklets from the 50's that someone had obviously tucked away inside at one point. I love that about old books.
    Including getting a copy of the Wartime Kitchen And Garden signed by Ruth Mott and Harry Dodds, quite by accident, bought it second hand from amazon and got the bonus of a signed copy.
    I realise many people would think I was utterly mad for being delighted by this, but I was, I love those programmes.

  4. Wow, looks amazing, so delicious! I will try to bake it myself for sure! :)

  5. Oh thanks for sharing this, will definitely be giving it a go. Custard you say?.....
    Lisa x

  6. Yum-yum-totally-yum! This looks so delicious and as though it would go rather splendidly with lashings of whipped cream and fresh summer berries.

    Wishing you a serenely lovely Sunday,

  7. Oh, that looks good! I keep meaning to make the carrot scones, I've even bookmarked the page where you wrote about them.

  8. Will have to try this! It looks v tasty. I sometimes have issues with cakes being too makes me think of the chicken too much (yes i am weird)

  9. Om nom nom! I am most certainly going to have to try this sometime! xx

  10. ooo, might whip this up this afternoon. Thanks!

  11. MMM. I still have daily access to the 'chocolate gloop custard' at work, but this cake looks MUCH better than municipal issue cake.

    I'll be trying this... the carrot scones are a firm favourite surely this will be too!

  12. Oooo YUMMY! I always manage to lose a bit of egg shell whenever I use eggs too, then I stand there for about 5 minutes trying to get it out with a spoon and when I nearly manage to get it on the spoon it gloops back down into the rest of the egg :/

    If you like historical cooking then you may like Depression Cooking - - I love watching her videos, she's such a lovely old biddy and has some funny stories to tell about her life during The Great Depression. xxx


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