Monday, 21 May 2012

LandGirl on VE Day

Finally -  I have found one. A time machine!! And where do you think I headed?  

Yes folks. I was there -  on VE Day, 1945, getting my feet into a good old shin dig and snogging every soldier I could find. 

I spent it with 3 of my bestest friends and we had a hoot!

Alas - no. I fib to you all. What a shame. This was no time machinery. 

This was created by a fab friend of mine when she was messing about with her photo package thingy on her computer. Ain't she the clever one!

It made my WEEK -  so I thought I would share it with you all. That said, if I do find a time machine, and I firmly believe one to be out there.. somewhere... then you shall be the first to know.  

I just hope it doesn't contain anyone by the name of Amy or Rory aka The Pointless Characters from Dr Who.



  1. ahaha! That's brilliant!

    I made myself a Land Girl once :o)

  2. hehe, how fabarooney is that! Looks like you all had a jolly good time! Please can you ask your friends where they bought their suits and also... do you have the number of their hairdresser?
    Tupney xxx

  3. Excellent! Did you bump into my nan? ;)

    A couple of years ago, out of the blue, my nan suddenly piped up one day that she had been in London on VE Day with her best friend. She'd never mentioned it before, despite our chats about her memories (of which she has many). Imagine two 19-year old girls outside Buckingham Palace, and crowds so thick that "you went where they went, there was no choice". They stayed out all night, too! Turns out my nan and her friend were quite the little ravers in the '40s, going out to the West End for dance nights quite often! ;D

  4. Fantastically fun!

    Wishing you a marvelous Monday & week ahead,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. I think someone celebrated a little to hard! He victory V is backwards!

  6. Love it, that'd be me flicking the v the wrong way round too, I hate having my picture taken.

  7. Ha ha, that is so clever! And don't you just fit right in with your long-lost besties! ;)

  8. Well done, your friend did a great job :-)

  9. Oh that's so cool - you're completely one of the girls! Love it!

  10. That's fantastic!!! It took my sleepy eyes a while to spot you :) If I had a time machine I too would go back to that day x

  11. Ooooh I LOVE this! What great nostalgia!

  12. You look as though you're really enjoying yourself!


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