Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Southern Retro Shoot

Just before the end of 2011, the wonderful Mat from Southern Retro, paid me a visit.

We had met at The Chap in the summer (well..the supposed summer) and had a brief hello. We then bumped into one another at The War and Peace Show in August and had a proper chat.

He is grand.

A couple of months passed and then he asked me if I would like to be part of the photographic project he is running. I messed him about a bit with weekends on and then off again (*blush*) -  but I finally managed to get it together and Mat headed up to LandGirl Heights on a unseasonably warm December day.

When he arrived, my hair was not done and I was in a proper flap. I let The Beard take over and entertain Mat with the lure of tea and cake, whilst I swore at myself in the mirror.

Hair. Never does what you need it to. 

For some reason, despite being in my own home, I was quite nervous. As you can see, I refused to be parted from my slippers. I did check with Mat to make sure they would not be in shot. 

Any nerves I may have had were quelled by the cheery, chatty Mr. Mat. That and my concentration on posing for a picture without looking like - well - a poser.

A week or so later, Mat sent me the ones he had chosen for approval. 

I vetoed some, on account of the many chins in attendance, and we finally settled on my official mug shots for the website.

I was thrilled to then find out that one of the photo's had been featured in Mat's interview with Vintage Life Magazine

Which I duly purchased a copy of to show my Nan.

I love checking out new peeps that are added to this project. It always makes me smile. 

You can follow Southern Retro on facebook and twitter.


  1. Mat is just lovely - you look totally fab in your SR pictures!

  2. You look great and I love the new blog design too! Your home looks really cosy and its lovely to see the photoshoot in action as well as the final result!

  3. Fantastic! Lovely photos, and how fabulous to be chosen for the article! X

  4. I've got a shoot with Mat soon and am a bit nervous/excited so it's great to see your photos.

  5. How wonderful.You look gorgeous and this is a brilliant project.xxxx

  6. You look fabulous! What an exciting opportunity.
    Lisa x

  7. How exciting! The photos are wonderful. You look so lovely.


  8. Lovely, lovely pics and I'm sure all the bst models wear their slippers if they know they are no in shot!

  9. The official photos are just wonderful!

    And boy, does your house look delightful.


    ps....I'd have most certainly kept my slippers on too.

  10. Wow i really enjoyed this post and reading the item he wrote i could so relate to what he said what a fabulous idea. Great photo's you look gorgeous, dee x

  11. You look really lovely and the slippers make me smile!
    I always think how brave to be photographed, there isn't a single one of me in existence. Well, apart from as a child and early teens. I just can't bear it, I always detest what I see and feel too exposed, but for some odd reason I don't feel the same about paint, have done artist modelling in the past and was never bothered about that, I suppose because it never seemed to be really about me. I love looking at other people's photos, just don't want it to be me. So I must now have a nosey at everyone else on that site, I wasn't aware it existed, looks like fun.

  12. Lovely photo! And those slippers are shekshy baby! ;)

  13. Thanks for the comments loves:)

    Sarah - glad I could be of nerve-calming assistance!

  14. Lovely photo's. I spotted you in Vintage life! :) x

  15. I love that you have your slippers on! :D

  16. Ooh you look gorgeous, really flawless makeup as usual and I can't tell that your hair was misbehaving. My slippers stay firmly on my feet at home too, although I don't usually have the problem of visiting cameramen.

    Great to see some pics of your living room, you usually favour the kitchen pose!

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  17. Gorgeous gorgeous photos! And I love your slippers too. Hehe.
    -Andi x

  18. You look gorgeous and i love Matt's project. Any advice for getting your hair into such a lovely style? i have straight hair so maybe it's not possible for me? I have tried following a you tube tutorial but it just wasn't happening for me!

  19. Hi HH - thanks for commenting! Do not fret - I am in the process of writing a "how to" on the hair front :)

  20. You look fab! Glad to hear you kept your slippers on and nice to see some of your living-room including your gramophone.

  21. Clearly I'm Johnny Come Lately to this, but how fantastic! It was so fun looking at the photo shoot candids (and seeing your slippers, hee). I absolutely love the final one you chose! What a fun honor to be involved in that project. :)


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