Friday, 27 April 2012

Locks à la Pin Curls

I had been messing about with rough pin curls for a while before The Beard cut my hair. They held ok, but didn't really last all day, leaving me with wavy naffness.

I am pleased that this seems not to be the case with my new, shorter, head hair.

I sectioned it off, spritzed each section of dry hair with setting lotion, did a loose flat loop and pinned. I have yet to really look at, let alone learn any proper setting patterns. I get all confused over which way to lay them. But, I do try to lay my haphazard ones all the same way when I get near my scalp. 

I then left overnight.

I was mighty pleased with the result. I gave it a very quick brush, fearing I might lose the curl. Delightfully, it lasted all day. These shots were taken after a day out in a windy town centre. Wondering in and out of, what turned out to be fruitless, charity shops.

There are some straighter bits, but in all, I am tres pleased with the results.

Having less locks ROCKS!



  1. me likey! gorgeous darling! x

  2. This is why I loves short hair. It looks so chic, I love that style on you!

  3. I just cut mine, too, and I'm finding I can do so much more. You look gorgeous.

  4. Looks splendid! I never manage to get pin curls look that tiday, but then maybe that's because I get too bored doing neat sections...How short is it now (hard to tell when it's in curls!)? X

  5. It looks lovely! I love it all short and the pin curls turned out wonderfully.


  6. There's no doubt about it, shorter hair works better for this. What setting lotion do you use?

    I'm just too psychologically attached to having mine long, although I did tidy up the ends and it's now just below my shoulders. I don't have a decent hair dresser to go to either.

  7. Lovely! I don't have the patience for pin curls, but if I do get a few inches chopped I may finally try them. Your hair looks gorgeous after a windy day, goodness!

    Straight bits make me crazy, I always get 'em. :P

  8. Aah you're the Queen of curls, your hair always looks great!

  9. Gorgeous. I love pin curls and I may have a go. Shorter hair is more compliant I feel.

  10. Looks perfect! This was after wind? Nice job lady! :) Looks like a great length too, I am just about to go for the chop and nervous! :) Zoë x

  11. Looks lovely :) I'm so tempted to go for the chop.... I never get around to having my hair cut so it's now down to my waist!!! Must get it sorted! x

  12. You and the 'do' look gorgeous.

    P.S. What lipstick are you wearing? I love that orangey-red shade.

  13. I find when my (curly) hair is too short it just ends up sticking out all over, if it's too long the weight of it pulls out any curl. That inbetween length seems to be the most versatile for me. Your curls are looking fabulous! X

  14. Setting lotion would have been Bristows extra strong (this used to be available in Saver stores in the UK for £1 - but they have now stopped stocking it - so have a look on line or in those big beauty products stores.

    I *think* the lipstick would have been MUA that I was trying at the time..


  15. Hi there, I'm a follower of your blog. I've nominated you for a Versatile blogger award, please see for more details. I hope you will accept :-)

  16. It looks fabulous! I love how shorter hair holds a curl better :) You look gorgeous, too – and love the lipstick! x

  17. Really lovely curls, you've brushed them out so that they have a very natural look to them. So pretty and timelessly becoming.

    Wishing you a gorgeous, relaxing weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  18. Love the hair!! looks fantastic, I never have this much luck with pin curls, maybe my hair is still too long? Do you think it worked better because of the shorter hair since you had it cut by the mister? be great to see the outcomes of future sets, go dig out some pictures and have a go, I'd love to see how it turns out :)



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