Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Let Sleeping Cat's Lie

I feel like I have been a resident in Crooks-Ville for a good long while now. I have been spending my days in sinus infection hell, eyes closed against the bright sun from the, I am sure, glorious Spring days that have been gracing the British Isles recently.

I can tell from the birdsong outside my window that warmer weather is soon on it's way. Yip!!

But until I am well again and can bear to open my eyes for more than 10 mins without a eye weeping attack (Oh. The glamour. It never stops) I shall mostly be spending time with Sleeping Cats.

No soft, squidgy place is safe from The Woo and The Moof.  

A disguarded robe of towelling proportions shall do quite nicely for a snooze. Of the spherical variety, natch. How do they do that?

Mr Memphis much rather prefers my pillow, which despite covering, I still have to de-fuzz on a nightly basis. It is either this routine or I run the risk of looking like Teen Wolf on account of said fuzz sticking to my night cream. 

There's that glamour again. 

See. It doesn't ever stop!

To get any photos of the pushkas in a resting state is a mission in itself. It involved holding my breath, creeping into the room in socks and making use of the zoom. Hurrah for the zoom!

And hurrah for my purrrrrrty-tats. They have kept me company and sane over the last few days.

Back to the land of the living tomorrow, for the fug is finally lifting. 

A thrice hurrah for modern medicine in tablet form!


  1. Hope you feel better soon!

    I have some kind of bug which has aggravated my bad shoulder grrr. I feel like having a curl up and sleep in the daytime, but apparently tis not the done thing for peoples, only cats. Not fair!

  2. Aww, your cats are so precious. Bless!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Argh sinus-infection, that is the worst! Hope you get better soon!

    Looking at your kittehs just makes me want to curl up in your bed with them. Can't wait to meet them next week!

  4. I take it that if you get any closer when they're sleeping you will get disgusted looks for disturbing a very important nap?

    Get well soon! xx

  5. Adorable! I too have a sinus infection & my cats are my cute saviours, bringing fluffy cuddles & rough tongue-licks at regular intervals. Get well soon! X z

  6. Sinusitis, urgh hope you are all better soon! (hugs)Sometimes if I'm ill I fall asleep on the sofa and wake up with a light dusting of cats... X

  7. Ha ha - "a light dusting of cats"... love it!

  8. aw sorry you've been so sick, so much sickness about!!!

    Cute pics though

  9. Awww they are soooo cute! Hope you feel better soon!

  10. so sorry to read you have been so poorly i hope you feel better real soon. Bless them your cats are gorgeous they are such company and always seem to realise when you need comfort. dee x

  11. Hope you feel better soon! Your cats are adorable, such cute pictures.

  12. You poor thing. I find the presence of cats on the bed very comforting at such times.

  13. Hope you're feeling better..... loving the pussy cat pictures :) x

  14. Gods, how foul, I had sinusitis years ago, I thought my face was going to explode...the pain! Hope you feel better soon.

    Yes, pretty cats with heads up their behind's, quite amazingly round, mine do the same. Went to dentist for my check last week and when I swung my legs into the chair I noticed my black tights were covered in ginger fur, ooh, the shame, I felt like a Werewolf!

  15. Hope your feeling better lots of allergies going on.
    cute sleeping kittys.


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