Tuesday, 20 March 2012

An Equinox Day of Yellow 'n' Green

Can it really be here? The end of March? Where the heck did the other months go? I don't think I even got to see Feb? It did happen, right?

You know I adore cold weather but, since we were robbed of a proper Winter, I feel like I have been in seasonal limbo.

For the past couple of weeks however, Spring has started to make herself known to us all. And it is not a half arsed attempt either. It is here in full blown colour and song. 

I for one am tres happy about this, for it has lifted my spirits and reminded me that life does continue, Spring will return and things do get better. Eventually.

The Beard is always reminding me of this -  but sometimes I forget and need a little Divine intervention to shout it a bit louder for me.

Anyway -  enough of me blathering. Spring is here and I am hurrahing it. 


We spent Spring Equinox walking around some beautiful 17th Century gardens (as you do) and soaking up the simplcity of things such as Daffodils and tree blossom.

The sky was incredibly blue and I regretted not fishing out my sunglasses. Before I know it, judging by how fast the last couple of months have been sucked into the past, it shall be Summer, so I had best find them soon. 

I am trying something new with my clothes at the moment - putting jumpers with dresses. I don't know why I have not done this before. Endless new outfits and no expense. I have seen many people I admire out there in the blogosphere do this of late. 

It lends itself perfectly to the seasonal change. And it means that I do not have to stuff my usual longer cardy up under my belt to stop it from trailing out under my jacket and ruining the whole look.


We went for a stroll down by the Thames. I have mentioned before my love of this river. All the things it has seen. It makes me a bit dizzy to think about it. Oh if only the banks could speak.

Something that was speaking to me was this tree. Well, more humming than speaking. Upon closer inspection, it was covered in Bees. 

Big, fat, hairy, happy Bees.

I have mentioned before, last Equinox as it happens, my love & connection to Bees. So, without a word, I walked straight towards the tree. On the bank of the Thames. Which was alive with stingy things. Much to the consternation of the bewildered Beard. 

I was a bit apprehensions at first, but they were seriously not interested in me, but the gloriously scented blossom. Their undersides were covered in yellow fuzz and they calmly wafted around my head.

To say I felt touched might seem a bit hey-man-right-on to some, but that's how I felt. 

And I feel all the better for it.


  1. O,it's all just lovely! bees are wonderful creatures,I'm not scared of them either.Not being allergic helps!
    That shaow pic is divooon,and your outfit equally so!The jumper is brillant!
    Hurrahs all round!

  2. you go girl! nothing wrong with a bit of nature appreciation. xxx

  3. I love spring! The photo of you both is great :) x

  4. Here's hoping this good weather lasts a long while - nothing nicer than a walk in the spring sunshine :)

  5. I love Spring too so full of hope and new beginnings! Fingers crossed it carries on!

  6. Another winning outfit. How DO you do it?!

    Spring is my favourite time of year, when everything is growing and flowering. I try to get out and about in January and February to take my mind off howe awful they are. February did seem especially fast this year, you're right. Which is odd as it was a leap year February!

  7. What a lovely post! Happy Spring Equinox - we celebrated Autumn equinox here yesterday. I love bees too - we don't have bumble bees in Australia, except in Tasmania. Bees are very calming. I am often tempted to enroll in a bee-keeping course they hold here, but i keep putting it off. Oh and i love your shoes!

  8. Blimey, I can't get over this, everything's so advanced, I'm envious...it has barely stopped raining here since September. That is not an exaggeration by the way, I live in a filthy climate, grump, harrumph etc. Runs off to strangle husband for having job here!

    What beautiful looking gardens, I'd love to wander round them. There is something about a walled garden, isn't there? And I rather love your shoes.

  9. I like to sit and listen to the world waking upo at this time of year, we used to have bumble bees nesting in our garden, which was lovely as they don't sting and live in much smaller colonies than honey bees. I used to go say hi to them when I was gardening (Yes my neighbours do think Im a bit odd). Great pics! X

  10. Beautiful pictures. I can't believe how quickly March has gone as well, but like you I'm glad spring is here as things can only get better! x

  11. Bloody hippies! Not really, I agree, I love bumbles, luckily I'm not scared of them as they do have the habit of orbiting you a couple of times before flying on. Time to make use of my National Trust Membership methinks for garden strolling followed by cake and tea. You look fab, the jumper dress look is rather good - keep us posted on your outfits

  12. Happy Spring indeed! Bees are great, so much folklore and magic associated with them. I trod on one last Summer, but that was entirely accidental.

  13. You look fab and the spring sunshine is fab isn't it! Just makes you want to smile. I may be a bit sad but the sight of a host of daffodils or cherry blossom just makes my heart sing! You remind me of my mum yano. That's how she dressed in the forties. She got her first pair of glasses aged 19 in 1945 after not being able to see properly for the whole of her life until then! Funny how she developed cataracts in her eighties, had them removed and then didn't have to wear glasses at the end of her life.
    @mrsmarsa x

  14. Spring really is the best time of the year. I love your outfit by the way

  15. I know just what you mean about the Spring and it lifting your spirits it really does mine and with the lighter nights to it really does lift your soul. Lovely photo's and the smell of blossom trees there is nothing like it. I have 3 large ones at the end of my road and love walking underneath them and inhailing their scent. You look lovely and i to have added a jumper to my dresses to ;-)) enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  16. You look awesome, love the dress/ jumper combo. And I'm weirdly excited for spring this year. like I get convulsions every time the sun comes out from behind a cloud. X

  17. I am glad to find your blog, it's wonderful! I like your looks and your style, congratulations! kisses from Spain

  18. What beautiful days of sunshine Spring we been having.
    Bees are magical little creatures.
    I love your outfit sweater combo.
    That foto of your shadows is so artistic.


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