Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Only Way Is Dirndl

It was a rainy night at the beginning of December. Rainier than rain could be. I am positive I heard, from the darkness, the howl of some sodden beast ring out as I got on the train into London.

I had been debating on whether or not to pull out of the blogger meet up that had been arranged by the wonderful Able Grable. She was over from Guernsey and the place to be was Katzenjammer's Beirkeller. But, oh my. I was tired. I was weary. Did I mentioned the rain?

But -  it had been arranged for a very long time, I was looking forward to seeing and meeting new people. Besides, I had bought my Dirndl dress months in advance. About 5 months in advance.

So, I returned from work, changed and headed back out into the night.

I have to say, I was beyond pleased that I did. I perked up as soon as I headed into the basement of this delightful place. It had a real atmosphere about it. And of course, there were many Dirndl dressed dames to behold!

Here we have Gemma from Retro Chick, Matilda of Able Grable and Shona a la HeyDay

And then there is my Dirndl. I love it. I wanted to have something that I would possibly wear outside of the event itself, and I love brown and mustard together. The shirt if from Primark and the knitted bolero has been with me for a good few years now.

There was a bit of a boob-off between Shona and I. As there usually is whenever we meet. I love this gal more than I can say. And not just for her epic cleavage. Honest.

Apart from bazumba shots and outfit envy, there were also other fine femmes in attendance.  Min with lovely plaits and my dear friends Margaret and Lena, as well as the first virtual meeting with Stephanie, who I had become firm chums with on Twitter. 

It was a grand old evening where I drank bier but discovered, too late, the delights of Watermelon schnapps & lemonade. Roll on Summer. 

Pimms is out -  Schnapps are in!

As are Dirndl's!


  1. wooo, that dress was well worth buying in advance! Looks great, mmm mustard xx

  2. Boob-off! Love it. His Lordship wants to go to a German night, I thought it was for the culture but this has opened my eyes to the sleazy world of Dirndl boob-offs.

  3. These photos are so fun! I love the outfits.

  4. I desperately wanted to go to this as I bought my Dirndl at Oktoberfest last year and seek out any opportunity to wear it. I couldn't make it in the end, and I'm gutted as it looks like such fun. I still got to wear my Dirndl over Christmas though, long live the Dirndl. X

  5. Yayyyyy! I win the cheesiest grin competition!

    I also win flattest boobs!

  6. Oooh purdy dresses! I'm a fan of brown and mustard too, and must say your dress looks amazeballs on you. Dirndl's are great, unfortunately I don't have the real estate out front to work them to such an effect as you and Shona ;)

  7. Lordy! Boob off indeed! Looks like a fab time.xxxx

  8. That's some boob off! You all look great :) x

  9. Gorgeous! Why do I not own a drndl??You all look just lovely. Sarah xxx

  10. You look great in it.I also love a good boob-filled dirndl!Being German is fun Boobs, Beer, and Lederhosen!

  11. There are rumours abounding that folk cannot comment on this post. GAH! this is Blogger I believe. Sorry peeps :(

  12. Your boobs are truly amazing in that dress. Can't wait for more melon schnapps this summer! xx

  13. Sounds so fun, and I love the dirndl dresses!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  14. Dirndls are awesome! Why do I not find out about these meet-ups until after they happen?!

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny

  15. You look Dirndlboolicious amor!
    I been lusting for a Dirndl too show off my amigas.
    I love your yellow and brown combination ..so pretty.


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