Saturday, 28 January 2012

One Good Turn

A wee while back, I wrote a post about my charity work with Age UK. I still see Maria every Saturday and am getting to know her more with every visit. It rocks. She is a mine of information and insight.

On the back of this post, I received an email from Mim over at Crinoline Robot.

We had been friends for a while, and it was lovely to hear from her. She is a treat. And in said email, she decided to treat me. 

What ensued left me utterly humbled and gobsmacked.

She had been given a 1st edition of a book about The Women's Land Army. I had commented on her tweets,advising how envious I was, how lucky she was...yadda yadda. 

As you do.

She had emailed me to tell me how wonderful she thought my volunteering was, how much of a selfless thing it is and that she felt it was worthy of some good karma. 

Karma she would like to bestow upon me.

She told me she would like, very much, to give me the Land Girl book she had been given. Mim believed that she was only ever the guardian of it, and that I should become the rightful owner. 

Of course, I declined. At first. How could I take such a gift? I was utterly overwhelmed by her kindness and reasoning.

But after some more emails, more gushing, thanks and disbelief at Mim's offer -  I accepted.

It was a wonderful act of friendship, and I began to feel ungracious for saying "no".

This glorious book is now one of my prized items that I love dearly. Written by Vita Sackville -West , published under the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries in 1944 and including some 64 photographs -  it is a true trove for someone like me.

So -  thank you marvellous Mim. You are a true gem. 


  1. What a lovely gift to treasure!! So thoughtfull of you Mim! XX

  2. That is a lovely little story! Fascinating book, lovely gesture, something to smile about in a too bleak world.

  3. Gobsmacked is right!! What a neat book--of course, I had to go right out and find my own copy. Rarity, they are!!

  4. How lovely of her, and she's right, you will appreciate and look after it. And you deserve it.
    Hen x

  5. Oh how nice of her, good karma indeed amor.

  6. I knew there was a good reason I liked you both so much! ;-)

    Seriously I think it is an amazing gesture from one lovely person to another well deserving one.

  7. Nice people deserve to have nice things happen!

    I am a firm believer in sharing the good stuff. Give good things away - items, time, love - and it all comes back and brings extra. :)

    My husband mocks me saying it's dippy-hippy nonsense, but it works for me.

  8. How delightful. You fully deserve it too.

  9. That is so great. How wonderful for it to be in the hands of someone that loves it.

  10. Well deserved! I think it is great that do your charity work and I'm also a firm believer in Karma, so Mim you're not alone ;o)

  11. What a doll. You deserve it though, and she'll know you'll be the best custodian of it possible. Enjoy, it looks wonderful.

  12. Wowee. Nice gift there, and what a fascinating book it looks to be too!

  13. Its what I would call a love bomb and sounds well deserved. the book looks amazing. What a lovely gesture

  14. Awesome! You're going to be the world's expert on the Women's Land Army soon :)

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage


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