Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Once upon a time when the sun shone...

... and a wedding was had,  there was a tree, by a stream, with a happy couple. 

And the stream would later be filled with rose petals and we would all sing along to "Stand By Me" with a questionable steel band..

... and I wore a frock of 40's persuasion (from the supermarket), red accessories and a cream bag & hat...

... there was a chair of utmost dodgy-ness....

... and a bag full of empty champagne glasses. These glasses later caught wasps. We were most proud.

There was a Grave Yard cat who meewed and followed us. But we had no answers for him..

... as to why anyone would thatch a wall...

There was Pimms on tap, trashing my lip slap and nearly in my lap...

... Apples of Flame...

... and Burnt Menus of Shame...

... and plenty of leaves with names...

.. A tattooed Apple...

.. and the artiste with her creation...

Much cider was swilled, the band played long into the night and I became obsessed with granary bread and pate.

All of a sudden (and I don't know how it happen-ed!) I was trollied, it was dark and time to go to bed.

The End.

 (felt the need to post this today, just to remind myself of warmth & sunshine!)


  1. Thank you for cheering up my day with this post. I love the pic of you and an apple :) xx

  2. You always look great, but this has got to be my favourite outfit yet - stunning!

  3. Aww that wedding looks perfect. And reminds me of the summer time. Just this morning I was holding my little summer cardigan and lamenting to my boyfriend how I miss the summer.

  4. What a lovely post............xxxx

  5. Fabulous post and I want warmth and sunshine too now I've seen your post *sigh*

  6. Will it ever be warm again? I'm coooolllllldddd!

    You look smashing dear and that looks like a lovely day!

  7. What a lovely post, made a poorly paperdoll smile today, I love a good wedding I do! Your outfit is spot on! X

  8. Brilliant post! Loved it, looks like you had a great day

  9. What a lovely day. You look lovely too. Amazing wall! M x

  10. aahh for the days of summer with it's thatched walls and flamey apples x

  11. That really is a wonderful oufit, you look perfect, really lovely.

  12. Looks like a fab wedding. And you my dear, looked STUNNING!

  13. Ah lovely, I am smitten with the leafy name settings x

  14. Lovely outfit. Oh to see the sun again sigh...

  15. Oh yay for sun and warmth. Love the pic of you in all your finery. xx

  16. Wonderful! You have put a smile om my chops. You look gorgeous.xxxx

  17. beautiful wedding, love the numerology apples.
    You look freakin gorgeous, love your dress and red accesories.


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