Saturday, 24 December 2011

A Festive Message

So - here it is again folkettes. Another year, another season of red, green and goodwill to most men and all that. I am feeling distinctly un-festive this year. Despite having a December birthday, which means all things tinsel should at least ignite some kind of glee in my soul -  it ain't there.

 I am trying to decide if I am just to old of all this jazz now - or there is something wrong with my Festive Spirit. Perhaps she got lost in the post -  along with the cold weather?

But, all that said and done, it has not stopped me from decorating. I have pretty much sprinkled the flat with the same stuff as last year  with some new additions such as Crimbo bunting**. I don't give a hoot if people find bunting twee - I like my decorations to be missed when they are gone - and a strapping set of red & green embellished triangles shall suffice.

**replace the "B" with a "C" on the word bunting and you have how we actually feel about this addition  due to it continually falling down, spooking us with its whooooshing sound. We have now industrial taped it to the wall.
It will possibly never come off.

I have left my trench art (newest piece on the left) on the hearth and used a lovely old plate, that I found in a charity shop for a whole golden pound, as a centre piece.

We even fixed the dusty old lights in the fireplace for the occasion. Note the stuffed chimmney. It contains pilliows wrapped in black sacks to keep out the cold. Class.

I made some Christmas Pud bon-bons for our annual Yuletide shingdig with friends a couple of weeks back and decided to pull my bestest Nigella reaction for the photo.  But not a jot of this is making me feel remotely festive.

Not *even* listening to Happiest Christmas Tree a la Nat King Cole,
with a dash of Cool Yule from Mr Armstong. On repeat.

So I thought I would try to cheer myself with a knitted Christmas pudding tea cosie. I guess I could tell you all that I have learnt to knit, but I have not learnt how to knit, much to my consternation. So I bought this from Folksy. Me loves it.

And with my new camera, I snaffled a picture of blood red wintery sky. It is warm and bleak all at the same time. Ain't it pretty!

Whilst I watch the sun go down over Yuletide (in my rollers) and await a new year (because, honestly, I am done with this one. It whizzed by so quick, it has left me spinning!) I shall be having a snuggle with Mrs Elsa-Pops. And my own cats. Natch. I am hoping this shall cheer me somewhat.

The Beard and I are having the 25th all to ourselves where we shall eat roast lamb, drink red wine and watch Christmas movies in christmas pyjamas. I might not even wash my face. Yeah. That kind of day.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your's -  what ever you are doing.

Over and.....

Oh wait! I have a special message from a certain pushka to her parents - and to all of you lucious readers of my humbly offered waffles:


I think the Festive Spirit might have just knocked at the door....


  1. where did you get the rum jar ?

  2. Happy Christmas Charlie! Your hair looks lovely in these pictures.

  3. Happy Christmas to you and The Beard xxx

    P.S. Those bon-bons look scrumptious and that knitted cosy is fab

  4. Can you send it this way, I don't feel in the tiniest bit Christmassy. I think I'd better have a mini yule log - for medicinal purposes to try to kick start the yuletide. Merry Christmas. x

  5. I intend to spend the day in my PJ's eating & watching TV too....lovely!! Merry Christmas xx

  6. Oooh errr what terrific bon-bons you have madam! No really, they look scrumptious!

    Merry Christmas to you and The Beard! (And the cats too, can't forget them!)

  7. I think your Crimbo decoration look just lovely! That christmas plate was SUCH a bargain!! And I adore your incorporation of the trench art, i am looking for one to add to my collection this year.

    I hope the christmas spirit will be knocking on the door very soon! Have a wonderful time!

  8. Merry Christmas. I love those fairy lights in the fireplace. Fab idea. Grab a bottle of something nice and get your festive spirit that way. Works for me! ;O)

  9. Merry Christmas. I love those fairy lights in the fireplace. Fab idea. Grab a bottle of something nice and get your festive spirit that way. Works for me! ;O)

  10. AWWWWWWWWWW! This just made my Christmas xxx

  11. Nice bit of Nigella-ing!!!
    Bunting rocks!Yay for finding a way to keep that shizz up,it's a bloody issue allright!
    Hope ytou've been a very good girl,snaffooing all the goodies and delicious drinkies!I reckon I'd love a drinkie or 14 with you!

  12. Merry Christmas! I have overspent and overate but still feel a bit unchristmassy! Love those pudding bon bons, Nigella couldn't've done better

  13. Hope you had a brill Chrimbo!

    Our tinsel wreath has incurred similar wrath to your bunting. I have tried EVERYTHING but it just wants to escape the wall. Grrrrr.

  14. I like all the festive additions to your home- edible or decorative, especially the cosy! It's cute! I feel about blogger and uploading videos the way you do about the bunting right now! WHY is it so awkward!!!

  15. Hope you did have a good Christmas... mine was low key.. just the way I like it! All the blogging best for 2012. Lizzie

  16. Love the bunting!

    Hope you squeezed enough cats to discover Christmas mojo and had a good one!

  17. Thanks loves!

    Anonymous - the rum jar came from a junk shop a last year for the princely sum of £5. Have a look about on the floor of places like that :) Good luck if you were after one :)


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