Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Cat's Of LandGirl Heights & a Yuletide Guest

In amongst all the many tons of old-lady toot at LandGirl Heights, there live 2 cats.

They can be hard to spot behind the piles of books and/or washing (I am such a slattern), so it is just as well they spend most of their time sleeping on our bed.

Usually on a discarded paper bag. 


Wanna meet 'em?

This is Charlie Girl. Not that she actually ever gets called that. 

She is known as Woo. Or Mrs Woo. Or Woozle-Bub.

She is a very sweet natured cat, until she does this....

She came to me via a friend and has proudly been carried round on my shoulder, like a infant that needs winding, for the last 8 years. She is convinced that she is, in fact, a human and displays this by sleeping, at face height, betwixt The Beard and I on a nightly basis.

When it's cold she wraps her spotty tummy round my head, which often wakes me in a dry mouthed sweat. She just mews and stretches out, radiating in my bonce heat.

The next pushka in my collection is Memphis. 

Or Memmy-Puss, Moof, Mr Memphas, Fluffy-Pants or Moofa-Choops.

He is a very pretty boy and he has been part of my life (and his fur in part of every meal I eat and everything I wear) for 7 years.

I rescued him as a kitten and he is the most lovable, yet scatty-skitty kitty I have ever met. He flaps & fusses if The Beard walks into the kitchen when he is eating, looks at him like he has never seen him in any one of his 9 lives and bolts. He then pads about on The Beards jumper as though he is his best friend. Freak.

As for me - he is a spoilt monster-puss and will only let me hold him about like a baby. This is my own fault, because I used to carry him everywhere in the crook of my arm when he was a poorly, freshly rescued kitten. He is a hefty adult now. Fat Moofter.

But. There is a new, temporary feline chowing down on the Go Cat this Yuletide....

We are looking after Miss Elsa of Penny Dreadful Vintage fame. 

PDV has jetted off for the warmer family filled climes of Oz for Christmas and we offered to scoop the poop, scratch the tummy of and furnish this beautiful moggy with an abundance of string whilst she is away. It was either that or a cattery - which would probably have cost more than her flight.

Not that she is actually called Elsa whilst she is with us. Her nick names thus far are:

Elsa-Pelsa, Miss E Hiss, Pelsa-Pops, Pops, Mrs Mewson and Christmas Cat.

There have been tense moments. I shan't lie. The Woo initially bounded up to her, as though she were a reflection, and then hissed. She hasen't stopped as yet. But. She will now share a room with her. Whilst hissing.

The Moof wants only to be her friend (and eat her leftovers) but Elsa has shooed him and his fluffy-pants away.

She is a stunning mog and we have considered moving and breaking all contact with her loving owners just so we can keep her. She is nudgy, drooly and purrrrsome. With talons of massivness. She loves to nom our streamers and is super quick when it comes to chasing twine. I have nearly lost a toe on more than one occasion.

Alas, she is not ours and our good deed shall be done and dusted by the beginning of 2012. So. I shall have to get in ooober extra hugs with Pelsa-Pops.

And here endeth the Cat Tour

Meeow-ver & Out!


  1. You have very beautiful cats and that second picture is just wonderful! Pirate cat!

    Elsa in that first picture looks a lot like my recently departed kitty Jessica. I miss her terribly :(

  2. Aww I'm now a soggy heap of cat-lovin mush, all beautiful and I love the nicknames. Our cat also goes by many names, Kneazle aka (full title) Miss Kneazle Thud Shadow-Monster Pen Thief Extraordinaire Scourge of Small Creatures and Usurper of Office Chairs,also goes by Missus, Trouble, Furry Britches, 'Orrible, Stinky or Stinky Feet. She's a rescue kitty and has to be carried up to bed and sleeps in the crook of the Man's arm every night!

  3. Brilliant catses! Charlie Girl has a fab expression in that second photo. I like Memphis' beard too.

  4. Awww, thanks for the cat tour, I'm a softie when it come to furballs! Lovely to see Elsa settling in so nicely, yoo. x

  5. Goodness me, if this isn't the most marvellous post. Love that big furry boy, he is too beautiful and your tabby miss is obviously very characterful. I think Miss Elsa must be handed back, sadly. We never call our cats by their real names either and have quite a ridiculous selection of cutesy names. Glad we're not alone. Merry Christmas to you all.
    Hen xxx

  6. You have lovely fluff balls! Mine are just as spoiled, and honestly, if you don't spoil them, what's the point?

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Aww, I'm glad to hear that Elsa is having fun with you!

    As for the introduction to your terrible twosome, thank you very much. I can read about cats for hours (am turning into a Mad Cat Lady) and they're both v. beautiful.

  8. Awh cute cats! Why do we give them real names and then call them anything but? X

  9. Wonderful pictures, brilliant post. My moggy is getting jealous (and is also never called by his real name). Makes me want several more but I think the wolf might object ;)

  10. Aww this is such a lovely post. You're cats are gorgeous!

  11. Ha, love this! Gorgeous kittehs - that fang photo is just MADE for submitting to Lolcatz! xx

  12. I having cats so much, the way they stare at a door until it magically opens, the way they bring a mouse in through the bedroom window at 3am, the way they lie on the remote control like it's the comfiest thing in the world and get angry when you try and remove it. You're very lucky! x

  13. AWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what beautiful kitty cats!! Love all your nicknames for them :)

  14. I gave out a little gasp when I saw The Moof..... what an amazing pussy cat! I never call my cats by their right names..... Ted's name is in fact Sam but he hasn't been called that for about 10 years!! x

  15. They are just lovely, I have three of my own, the Siamese never gets called by his proper name, I'm glad I'm not the only one who drivels rubbish at them, name wise!

    What a marvellous ruff Memphis has, wonderful beastie.

  16. Yey I love cats. Mine does that snarl thing too! he he!

  17. Charlie Girl has a person-face! With little lips and facial expressions! Genius!

    Loving Memphis and Elsa too. Nomming your streamers.

  18. Charlie is like my Emily...beautiful but usually pulling a dodgy face! Amazing post for us cat/vintage people. Thank you!

  19. Oh, an it is funny about cat's nicknames..my two are Emily, who is always known as piglet, and Kipper, but usually called Yashko...

  20. Cat posts are always welcome amongst us vintage bloggers, I've noticed. Even did one myself a while ago :) It's amazing ow these fluffy monsters can make us all feel so much better when we have a bad day... :)

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