Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Zig 'n' Zag jumper - outfit post

No  -  nothing to do with the Big Breakfast puppets circa 1995. Although -  if you need reminding -  or in fact introducing to them if you are from outside the UK -  here is a link to their song.

Yes. Song.

I picked this jumper  - although I use that terminology lightly as it is practically see-through - up in Brighton at one of the many vintage shops in the area. I forget which. But I do know that it cost me a purse-ripping £5. A quick wash, which it really did need, and I was off.

Teamed with a trusty tan belt, I grew to really like this outfit. Nice and smart, but decidedly retro looking for the office, I thought.

Add in one of my if-I-ever-loose-them-I-SHALL-openly-weep rose hair pin thingys and I am done.

I have stopped dealing with the faff of rolls recently and am opting more for a Veronica Lake look. Well, sorta. Much less effort. Quick brush out, bit of pomade ( I favour Black&Whites, from Boots if in the UK -  smells delish and really works) and a pin.


Over and Oooot for now chum and chumettes!


  1. Very nice - will be going to Brighton soon so shall be wanting to know where to find such things! x

  2. Great find, very nice, and didn't your hair get long!!!!!

  3. Fab jumper! Very good find indeed! You should give us a shout next time you pop down to Brighton :) Got some secret shopping spots to share!

    Loving the waved Veronica Lake-esque hair, and know what you mean, some days I just caaaanot be bothered to do anything with my hair...brush it out and voila, bobs your uncle!


  4. Top find indeed and I love your hair like

  5. Oooh, I like it!

    I can't do Veronica Lake look, on me it works for 10 seconds and then turns into the "did you even brush your hair?" look the second I step outside the door.

  6. You are gorgeous! Love the hair and the zig-zag top. x

  7. love you Veronica Lake big bangers biatch!

  8. looks great - but i couldn't stop looking at your eyebrows. how did you get them that lovely shape. x

  9. Your hair looks ace down!

    It is pullover weather, isn't it? I keep looking at shirts and blouses and reacking directly past them to the woollens.

  10. You look very lovely in that sweater :) I like the way the skirt and shoes look with it!

  11. I really love your hair like this Charly!x

  12. Gosh I had nearly forgotten all about zig and zag..... shall be a few more decades before I forget all about Mr Blobby though :{ !

    looking lovely Miss, and I really like you hair like that- smashing!

    T x

  13. Love the look - great jumper find! Fab shoes too btw. Its nice to see a vintage look without rolls, I really struggle with authentic rolled hairstyles and definitely want to see more veronica lake styles!!! xx

  14. My spouse uses Black & White and has our friend from Wales bring it back every time she goes for a visit back home! lol

    I love the outfit! Very similar to how I've been dressing at work. The patterning with the colors on the jumper is really neat. Great with that skirt and those shoes!

  15. Your hair is lovely however you do it, so shiny and gorgeous. Mine has a halo of frizz at the moment. I do like a zig-zag, very Missoni x


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