Thursday, 24 November 2011

Floral Skirtings - outfit post

Why is it, that sometimes, with no thinking or planning, hair and outfit seem to flutter together? I would love to say that this happens to me on a regular basis, but, 9 times out of 10 you will find me standing in front of the wardrobe / mirror / The Beard foul-mouthed, flustered and flummoxed. 

A sunny Sunday, back in the weird Autumn-Summer season we had in the UK, I decided upon the below. And I really liked it. Plus, on account of cat-sitting a chums spectacular Cat-ula, I had a garden to ponce about posing in.

In this picture I looked at the sky. It was blue.

In this picture I did my impression of a Puffa-Fish.


And in this one I am looking off into the middle distance wondering what to think about. I decided on chocolate. Natch.

I do love a multi season outfit and I think this skirt (£3 charity shop -  win) and my minty cardy will work just as nicely with boots, or thick tights and brogues for the colder weather.

But, knowing me, I shall relegate it, forget about it and end up flustered and flummoxed once more.

And, of course, foul mouthed.



  1. Lovely outfit and foul mouthed? you? I don't believe it ;-P

  2. Gorgeous and foul mouthed! Wonderful.xxxxx

  3. Foul mouthed? Lies, it must be lies.
    You look great, I love pastels on you.

  4. Love that skirt - tis gorgeous.

    Can't believe you'd be foul-mouthed.

  5. Lovely, the skirt's not bad either!!! X

  6. Beautiful are you indeed, yessss *Yoda compliments* xx

  7. I must adopt the thinking of chocolate pose. I tend to just think BRRRRRR at the moment - taking outdoor outfit photos is not pleasant now it's getting chilly.

  8. Looking goooood. Love the cardie. I get foul mouthed when picking outfits, too. By 'get' I actually mean 'am', because most domestic aspects of life are best dealt with using chuntering and effing/jeffing.

  9. Looks great and £3 skirt what a bargain!!!

  10. You look great you floral skirt fouled mouth chocolate thinker.
    I am eyeing your brougues, mint is such a complimenting color on you amor.

  11. Ha-- I love borrowing people's spaces for posing! Otherwise every photo of me would be in the exact same space in our home. lol

    Love the outfit! You are right, that skirt is a total win. What a great print! Does seem like it could easily go between seasons. That's the best!

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