Monday, 28 November 2011

BBC Land Girls - Series 3 - Review

Oooooh weeeeeeeee!! I cannot tell you how excited I was to be able to return to Pasture Farm recently and back into the lives of the Land Girls. I liked  Series 1.  I fell in love with  Series 2 

So -  Imagine my delight when a third instalment graced my (catch-up) screen.

I really feel that, although this show is aired at what I like to call "Little Old Lady Nap Time" -  a slot usually reserved for re-runs of things such as Midsomer Murders (ack) or Dr Quinn Medicine Woman (mm mm mmmmm Sully. What?), there is something about it that makes me smile and want to watch.

This stint of the show did not disappoint. I just wish there were more than 5 episodes.

Characters have returned and been expanded, new ones have been added. The lovable Finch is still hapless and, well, lovable. The hateful Mrs Gulliver is as caustic as ever and, well, hateful. I can't help shouting obscenities at her from my sofa.

My bestest ever character, Connie Carter, is there with bells and bows on, which pleased me no end. 

I feel that there was certainly more grit added to this run, which is exactly what I thought was missing in series 1. Yes, not everything is correct, but then again, it is not a historical documentary. It is a drama. A drama that, to me, has enough research sprinkled into it to keep my attention.

A dungaree-wearing 7/10!


  1. I think the acting and plot lines are as rubbish as the content of our communal bin but my God do I love Land Girls. Actually LOVE it.

  2. Ha ha ha. That is all I need know my love. That you have love for the land gals. I think the story lines have deffo improved though. Unlike the Rev - who - well - just changed. As in physically.

  3. I was thrown by the new vicar too! I didn't like this series as much as series two and why have they have suddenly made Lady Hoxley all fluffy and likable?
    I liked Frank Tucker though :-)

  4. Crikey, how has this passed me by? Thanks for the heads up. Hoping it's available on the iPlayer thingy??
    Hen x

  5. I loved it - came on at just the right time - I needed some decent tv whilst sitting with my foot up!

    Hoping for a series 4 :)

  6. The Little old lady naptime slot often has some gems...I'm rather partial to Bargain Hunt and Dickinson's real deal!

  7. I started watching Land Girls and thought of you ,but then Buddy takes over tv with his games.I will watch on catch up though.

  8. Ive seen 1,2,3! I just LOVE it. And so sad that I've seen them all. I like the songs Connie is singing, and I like her character the best.

  9. I have GOT to start watching this show!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  10. I am going to have to see if I can find this on You Tube. It is calling to me and our public TV in the U.S. has not picked up on it yet. -T

  11. I'm an American in Canada and recently found out about this gem. To my knowledge it has not found itself on our airways like Downton Abbey has. Anyway, ordered season one and LOVED it. Plan on ordering season 2 and looking forward for season 3 to be released here. Can anyone tell me if the majority of the characters in season 1 are still around in season 3??

  12. Hey gals - I think that this has now gone from iPlayer onf the beeb. BUT. You can get it on - a FAB streaming site.

    Carrie - in series 3 there is one of the original girls and the "family" are still the same.

  13. I love Land girls... I have it on my Sky +, I'm just waiting for a day when I can sit down & watch the whole thing! 2pm is my nap time, does that make me a little old lady??!!! x

  14. Oh I love Land Girls! This was definitely the best series yet - but I am slightly biased as I have a slight obsession with Joe Armstrong (Danny Sparks)! I wanted all the dresses in the last shot of the wedding!

  15. Hi, just wondering if there will be a 4th in the series of the Land Girls?...I have just found the show here in Canada and I just love it.

  16. Hi Anon - I don't know about a 4th series... it seemed to me that the 3rd one ended pretty final way - but hopefully I am wrong!! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  17. I am hoping for a 4th series. Series 3 ended with the spy (Dr Channing} still to be caught.

    1. I just finished series 3 and am wondering the same thing. I was confused though. Was it just Harry and Channing that were collaborators or was Fisher in on it as well? I was under the impression he was but then nothing happened to him.

  18. Loved it and want season four.

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